If you have additional questions about security in the data warehouse, please contact a staff member at


The Brandeis data warehouse adheres to policies surrounding access to data in the following ways:

  • As of January 2015, data in the data warehouse is provided to end users only at aggregated levels to protect the privacy of students.

  • Any security measures that relate to FERPA guidelines are implemented in consultation with the University Registrar.

  • The MicroStrategy reporting and analysis software that must be used to access information from the data warehouse tables has enterprise-level security built into it. MicroStrategy controls what a user can view and what the user cannot view.

  • Access to the data warehouse must be requested by completing the online form located at Submitting the form causes email requests to be sent to the Subject Matter Trustees for each general area (i.e., Students and Enrollment, Finance, Student Financial Aid, etc.). The Trustees review the request and can ask for more information, approve, or reject the request.

  • Only with written approval from a Subject Matter Trustee will the data warehouse staff create a username for a requester, and set up the approved access capabilities.