Just want to try MicroStrategy?

If you are curious about MicroStrategy, but don't necessarily need to see Brandeis data, click on the link below for a free trial version of the product. It comes with its own huge data set and pre-built reports so you can see the types of things MicroStrategy can do.


Request Access

So you would like to request access to the data warehouse. Great! Read on...

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1. Learn about the data warehouse
First, take a look at the brief description of a data warehouse on the About page.
2. Next, speak with your manager
If your manager already knows about the data warehouse, you can both discuss the needs that you foresee. If your manager does not yet know much about the data warehouse, we will be happy to speak with you and/or your manager to explain what this is all about. Contact us.
3. Prepare for the request

Prior to completing the Request for Access form, please decide your answers to these questions:

To which data do you need access? We have:

  • Student and enrollment data
  • Class and course information
  • General ledger and budgeting numbers

What level of access do you need?

  • Running and analyzing reports that others have written
  • Being a creator of reports for others to use
4. Fill out the Request for Access form

Complete the Request for Access form: http://bi.brandeis.edu/access.html