Data Access Statement

The Brandeis Data Warehouse is a repository of information created to provide support for the decision making process of executives and managers throughout the organization.  It provides for the analysis and, when appropriate, correlation of data drawn from a host of sources (academic, administrative, operational).

By default, the data maintained by the warehouse is considered to be confidential, whether for regulatory reasons or by University policy. Additionally, great care is given to our community’s privacy, even when the use of the information may not be legally restricted. As such, all information maintained in the warehouse may be subject to usage restrictions as deemed appropriate by the custodial office for the source information.

In general, this means that new requests for access to data stored in the warehouse need to be reviewed and approved by the custodial office(s) data steward(s). Furthermore, the custodial office may choose to only provide filtered, aggregated or anonymized data, if the original request is viewed as conflicting with their custodial responsibilities.

Please note that when access is granted to information, this access does not include the right to redistribute or share the information with others who may not have also been explicitly granted access. Further, patrons of the data warehouse are expected to protect its data, and by extension, the people whose data is being shared.

People who intend to request access to information within the warehouse should discuss their needs with the appropriate custodial office(s) and their designated data steward(s).

The University assumes and expects that these principles will permeate all aspects of the organization’s policies and practices.