Animals in the Residence Halls

Students are asked to abide by the Rights and Responsibilities handbook while enrolled at the University and living in the residence halls. Two particular codes pertain to animals while on campus. In section 10.14, fish are identified as the only pets permitted in the residence halls. Section 2.11 outlines exceptions for guide and service animals.

Service Animals

Students with disabilities who require the use of service animals are permitted to bring such animals on campus. Students should notify Disability Services & Support in order to ease the animals' transition on to campus and the residence halls.

Read the complete service animal policy

Assistance Animals

Students who wish to bring assistance and or comfort animals as a reasonable accommodation may be permitted to bring such animals on campus provided that they comply with the University’s policies regarding such animals.

Students seeking to have an assistance and or comfort animal in undergraduate housing must submit a Housing Accommodation Request Form along with documentation as outlined on the previous page. The animal must not be in residence prior to receiving approval from the Department of Community Living. The approval of a request is animal-specific and is not transferable to another animal.

Read the complete support animal policy

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