Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture: Dr. Zine Magubane

Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture: Dr. Zine Magubane


12:30, April 4th, 2017 


International Lounge 


How did we come to have a field called ‘race relations’ wherein the study of race became not only domesticated, but also isolated from issues of ‘general’ sociological concern? This paper explains how the study of race, far from being a ‘topic’ within sociology has, from sociology’s inception in the 1850s, provided a structuring logic for sociology’s theory and practice. It traces the evolution of sociology from the antebellum South through the rubber plantations of the Congo. It concludes by suggesting that sociology needs to ‘decolonize’ its past if it is ever to develop a theory adequate to explain the present.


 African and Afro-American Studies American Studies Department, Sociology Department