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Forms to complete when declaring your major or minor are available in the AAAS Department in Mandel 226 or Office of Academic Services, Kutz 124 .

View all AAAS courses of instruction in the University Bulletin.

Major and Minor


Requirements for the Major

The major requires nine courses drawn from department and cross-listed offerings:

A) One of the nine courses must be AAAS 5a (Introduction to African and Afro-American Studies)

B) At least one course must be taken in each of the following areas: history, arts and social sciences.

C) At least four courses within one field of specialization listed below (the four courses towards a specialization may not be double counted with courses used to fulfill other requirements for the major).

  1. History: AAAS 18b, AAAS 70a, AAAS 85a, AAAS 115a, AAAS 156a, AMST 40a, HIST 115a, HIST 116a, HIST 153b

  2. Arts: AAAS 79b, AAAS 132b, AAAS 133b, AAAS 134b, COML 166b, COML 168a, ENG 16a, ENG 57b, ENG 87a, ENG 107a, ENG 127b, ENG 136a, ENG 138a, ENG 167b, ENG 197b, FREN 164a, FREN 165b, REL 121a

  3. Social Sciences: AAAS 60a, AAAS 80a, AAAS 82a, AAAS 100b, AAAS 117a, AAAS 123a, AAAS 125b, AAAS 126b, AAAS 146a, AAAS 158a, AAAS 163b, AAAS 175a, ECON 69a, ED 170a, HS 120a, HS 515a, HSSP 114b, POL 124b, POL 140a

  4. Africa: AAAS 18b, AAAS 85a, AAAS 100b, AAAS 115a, AAAS 117a, AAAS 122a, AAAS 146a, AAAS 163b, COML 166b, COML 168a, FREN 165b, HIST 115a, POL 140a

  5. African-American or the Americas: AAAS 70a, AAAS 79b, AAAS 82a, AAAS 114b, AAAS 125b, AAAS 133b, AAAS 134b, AAAS 156a, AMST 40a, COML 166b, COML 168a, ECON 69a, ED 170a, ENG 16a, ENG 57b, ENG 87a, ENG 107a, ENG 127b, ENG 136a, ENG 138a, ENG 167b, ENG 197b, FREN 164a, HIST 115a, HIST 153b, HS 120a, HS 515a, HSSP 114b, POL 124a

D) One additional elective which may be taken from those listed in letter C or from the following: senior essay, senior thesis or independent study. 

E) Five of the nine required courses must be AAAS-designated. No course with a final grade below C can count toward the major. 

F) One approved study abroad course per semester may count as an elective. 

G) Candidates for departmental honors must satisfactorily complete AAAS 99d (Senior Research). 

Requirements for the Minor

The minor requires five courses:

A) AAAS 5a (Introduction to African and Afro-American Studies). 

B) AAAS 70a (Introduction to Afro-American History), AAAS 79b (Afro-American Literature of the Twentieth Century), AAAS 115a (Introduction to African History) or AAAS 133b (The Literature of the Caribbean).

C) Three other courses offered in the department.

Students are required to declare the minor in AAAS no later than the beginning of their senior year. Each student will be assigned a departmental adviser by the undergraduate advising head.