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New Anthropology Courses for Spring 2016

ANTH 118a Secularism, Religion and Modernity
Explores the role of religion in the public sphere, the changing relations between religion and state, and the various forms secularism takes in countries with different religious traditions, such as the U.S., France, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and India.
Taught by: Mr. Kocamaner

ANTH 118b Culture and Power in the Middle East
Examines the peoples and societies of the Middle East from an anthropological perspective. Explores problems of cross-cultural examination, the notion of the Middle East as an area of study, and the role of anthropology in the formation of the idea of the “Middle East.” To this end, the course is divided into sections devoted to understanding and problematizing key concepts and themes central to our understanding of the region, including tribe and state, family and kinship, gender and sexuality, honor and shame, tradition and modernity, and religion and secularism. Course materials will include critical ethnographies based on field work in the region as well as locally produced materials such as literature, music, film and other visual arts.
Taught by: Mr. Menoret 

ANTH 143b Science and Technology Studies
Examines science and technology as sociocultural processes. It locates scientists and engineers as social groups with particular beliefs, ethics, and politics. It explores how science and technology feature into our understandings of identity, gender, politics, and health, among other topics.
Taught by: Ms. Ozden-Shilling 

ANTH 156b Activism, Resistance and Change: Global Perspectives
Examines activism and social movements from a cross-cultural perspective, beginning with key theoretical texts on hegemony and organized resistance, and then examining historical, ethnographic and methodological scholarship on a variety of activist movements from different world regions. Special one-time offering, spring 2016.
Taught by: Mr. Khan

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