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Combined BA/MA Program

Note: This program is only open to students who entered Brandeis prior to Fall 2011.

The four-year BA/MA degree program in anthropology is designed to enable exceptional undergraduates to earn two degrees simultaneously during their period of study at Brandeis University. The program provides a strong academic grounding for students who aspire to a professional career in anthropology. Applications are normally considered after six semesters of undergraduate study. The program is reserved for students who have already demonstrated the capacity to undertake sustained and independent graduate-level academic work. Students must submit a two, to three, page proposal, discussing their planned thesis project, in which they demonstrate a high level of theoretical sophistication and serious engagement in relevant anthropological literatures. It is expected that a student accepted into this program will have already developed a close working relationship with one or more department faculty members who will serve as his or her mentor/adviser during this intensive year of graduate study.

Eligibility for the program is normally limited to anthropology majors who have maintained a minimum 3.5 GPA overall and a 3.67 (A-) GPA in anthropology courses for their first six semesters of undergraduate study. Students admitted to the program must fulfill all the requirements for a major in anthropology with honors, as well as the special requirements of the Department of Anthropology for the combined BA/MA. Specifically, they must complete the following:

A. A minimum of three years residence on campus, one of which must be at the graduate level.

B. A total of 38 courses (versus the 32 required for the bachelor's degree).

C. Six anthropology courses at the graduate level (100+ numbered courses), including ANTH 201a, beyond the nine (ten in honors) required for the major in anthropology, with a minimum grade of B- in each.

D. A master's research paper/senior thesis awarded honors or higher, evaluated by the student's adviser, one additional anthropology faculty member, and a faculty member outside the department.

All candidates for the combined BA/MA must complete all the requirements for the program by the end of their eighth semester (for entering freshmen). If the requirements for the MA portion are not complete at that time, the student is eligible only for the BA degree.