Research Faculty

  Contact Information Area of Expertise
Li Deng Li Deng
Edison-Lecks 322
Asymmetric catalysis and asymmetric synthesis. Solid phase synthesis and combinatorial chemistry. Chiral recognition. Chemical approaches towards understanding protein functions.
Irving Epstein Irving Epstein
Shapiro Science Center
Oscillating chemical reactions and pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems. Mathematical modeling of biochemical kinetics and neural systems
Bruce Foxman Bruce Foxman
Edison-Lecks 118
X-ray structure determination, coordination plymers, chemical, physical, and crystallographic studies of solid-state reactions
Lizbeth Hedstrom Lizbeth Hedstrom
Kosow-Wolfson 112
Relationship between protein structure and function in enzyme catalysis and inhibitor action. Understanding the effects of mutations in vivo.
Judith Herzfeld Judith Herzfeld
Shapiro Science Center
Development and application of reactive and polarizable force fields as efficient replacements for quantum mechanics in simulations of reactions in complex media.  Solid-state NMR studies of structure and function in membrane proteins and bio-inspired materials.
Isaac Krauss Isaac Krauss
Edison-Lecks 226
Study of organic synthesis, including its interface with other areas of chemical science, including organometallics and chemical biology.
Thomas Pochapsky Thomas Pochapsky
Rosenstiel 655
Self-assembly of chemical and biological systems. Transient interactions in solution by NMR. NMR of soluble proteins. Protein stability and folding by NMR and mutagenesis.
Dagmar Ringe Dagmar Ringe
Rosenstiel 654
X-ray crystallography of proteins.Studies of protein structure and function, enzyme mechanisms and protein-ligand and protein-protein interaction
Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

Klaus Schmidt-Rohr
Edison-Lecks 118A

Solid-state NMR and structure determination of complex materials, including fuel-cell membranes, semicrystalline polymers, carbon materials, nanocomposites, natural organic matter, and thermoelectrics; NMR technique development; basic thermodynamics.
Barry Snider Barry Snider
Department Chair

Edison-Lecks 225
Synthesis of natural products, new synthetic methods, free radical chemistry, Lewis acid induced reactions, ketene cycloadditions
Christine Thomas Christine Thomas
Edison-Lecks 307
Synthesis of new ligands and transition metal complexes with the ultimate goal of uncovering new approaches to the catalytic activation and functionalization of small molecules and organic substrates.
Casey Wade Casey Wade
Edison-Lecks 116
Inorganic, organometallic, and materials synthesis. Study of site-isolated reactive sites for catalyst design and aqueous ion separation/remediation with porous materials.
Bing Xu Bing Xu
Edison-Lecks 320 781-736-5201
New molecular materials and nanomaterials for the exploration in biomedicine (e.g., molecular drug delivery, cancer therapy, biomedical diagnostics, and biomimetics) and other fundamental problems in nanoscience and biological science.