Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Classical Art, Archeology, and Chemistry


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Field of Specialty

Greek art & archaeology, Aegean prehistory, Bronze & Iron Age Mediterranean, archaeological & conservation science, GIS, cultural heritage & ethnoarchaeology of Crete, Silk Road, ancient craftsmanship & commodities, cultural hybridity

Contact Information

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 115

Andrew J. Koh

Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies, Brandeis University
Co-Director of Graduate Studies, M.A. program in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies, Brandeis Univeristy
Faculty Member, Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Director, ARCHEM Project
Associate Director, Kabri Archaeological Project
Managing Committee Representative, American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Chair, Technology in Archaeology: Recent Work in the Archaeological Sciences, American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting Sponsored Session
Full Member, Concord Historical Commission and Chair, Archaeology Advisory Subcommittee

Professional Society Memberships: Archaeological Institute of America, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, American Schools of Oriental Research, American Research Center in Egypt, Society for Archaeological Sciences


Koh, Andrew J.. Luxury Trade and Social Complexity in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017. (forthcoming)

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Courses Taught

ANTH 149b Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Global Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean
ANTH 185a Archaeological Science
ANTH 187a Materials Research in Archaeology, I
ANTH 188b Materials Research in Archaeology, II
CHSC 8b Chemistry and Art
CHSC 9a Materials and Methods in Archaeological Chemistry
CLAS 133a The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece
CLAS 135a The Silk Road: China Looks West, the Mediterranean Looks East
CLAS 145b Topics in Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology
CLAS 149b Sailing the Wine Dark Sea: Global Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean
CLAS 187a Art, Archaeology, and Society in the Holy Land
CLAS 250b Capstone Course
CLAS/FA 186a The Art and Archaeology of Korea
FA 40a The Gift of the Nile: Egyptian Art and Archaeology
FYS 33a Wonders of the Ancient World