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Brandeis at Petras

Brandeis at Petras

Brandeis at Petras Archaeological Field School

Summer 2014, a small Brandeis team led by Dr. Andrew Koh excavated at Petras, a Minoan urban settlement and palace near Siteia on Crete, at the invitation of Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou, director of excavations. Brandeis is helping to excavate a number of unrobbed tombs in the cemetery.

Petras is located 2 km east of Siteia in Eastern Crete. Robert Carr Bosanquet was the first to investigate the site in 1900, following excavation at Praisos. Metaxia Tsipopoulou has been excavating at Petras since the 1980's. The site has yielded everything from small finds such as seals, obsidian, and pottery, to Linear A inscriptions and palatial as well as domestic structures. The fine range of foreign raw materials show that Petras benefited from strong outside connections in both the Cyclades and the Near East. The site shows occupation from as early as the Late Neolithic and Early Minoan Periods to as late as the Middle Byzantine Period. 

The dig takes place over the course of five weeks. Participants have the opportunity to explore the rest of Crete and surrounding islands on the weekends. Room and board fee includes apartments with kitchens, weekday taverna dinners, field school classes, modern Greek lessons, fieldwork consumables, group transportation during work days, and optional weekend field trips.

For more information on past excavations please visit The Petras Excavation or contact Dr. Andrew Koh.