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Vergilian Society, Summer Archaeological Study Tour at Cumae, Bay of Naples, Italy

Villa Vergiliana with group
Cumae, Villa Vergiliana with 2016 summer tour group (photo credit: Professor Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow)

Most summers, Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow, Professor of Classical Archaeology at Brandeis, and her husband, Steven Ostrow, Professor of Ancient History at M.I.T., offer a two-week summer archaeological study tour at the Villa Vergiliana in Cumae, Italy, arranged through the Vergilian Society of America. The tour can usually accommodate three to four Master's students in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. Summer funding for graduate students is available. Please contact Professor Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow of the Department of Classical Studies for more information (aoko@brandeis.edu).  

If you are interested in the archaeology of the Bay of Naples (Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, villas on Capri, Puteoli, Capua, Caserta, Cumae, Mount Vesuvius, Oplontis, and much more), the study tour is a great opportunity. The ancient Greeks and Romans experimented for centuries building towns and cities, tending their farmlands and flocks in the fertile Campanian countryside, and pursuing their daily lives at every level of society. The world’s earliest archaeological laboratories, Pompeii and Herculaneum, buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE, along with many other sites in the area, offer a uniquely rich showcase of Graeco-Roman approaches to living both in town and country. Students on the study tour learn about the ingenuity with which Greeks and Romans (and their lesser known Etruscan, Samnite, and Lucanian neighbors) faced the pressures and pleasures of their daily lives, and they get to explore how these ancient peoples tried to make sense of life as individuals, and as members of communities large and small.

Prices on their website include all meals, except two lunches on Capri, all ground transportation in Italy for the program, and all site entrances.  The cost does not include international airfare.

For additional information, costs, and day by day itinerary, please visit the Vergillian Society website.

Summer funding for graduate students is available. Please contact the Department of Classical Studies for more information.