Alumni Update

If you are an alumnus/a, we invite you to fill out our web form, and send us your news (or update what we have recorded for you here). What are you doing, what degrees have you recently finished, what have you researched or published? We want to hear from you! Contact us and update your information!

Lana Georgiou '13

lana g

Former Degree(s): University at Albany, 2009, BA in Mediterranean Art & Archaeology and Religious Studies, minor European History
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: The Brandeis Fifth-Century Athenian Lekythos Evolution of Form, Ritual Practices and Use

Katie Fields '13

katie f.

Former Degree(s): Purdue University 2007, BA Art History and Psychology
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: Fighting for the Empire: Military Morale in the Fourth-Century Roman Army

Natalie Susmann '13


Former Degrees: Clark University 2009, BA Ancient Civilizations and Geographic Information Systems; Tufts University 2011, MA Classical Archaeology
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: Social Memory and Identity in the Mesara Landscape: Collective Island Memory Contrasting with Strategies of Empire
Current Plans: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Archaeology at Boston University

Michael Conboy '13


Former Degree(s): University of Massachusetts Amherst 2011, BA History and Philosophy
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: The Walls of the Romans: Boundaries and Limits in the Republic
Current Plans:Legal Assistant at Smith Duggan Buell & Rufo LLP

Laura Farnham '13


Former Degree(s): Gordon College 2011, BA History
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: Religious Syncretism in Text: Hesiod and Near Eastern Mythology
Current Plans: Teaching Latin at Pentucket Regional Middle School

Eric Maurer '13


Former Degree(s): Thomas Aquinas College 1998, BA Classical Liberal Arts
Current Plans: Having returned to his roots as a financial analyst, Eric trades equities and options at Thales Hyperactive

Sarah Jane Sprecher '13


Former Degree(s): Luther College 2010, BA Classics, minor in Classical Studies
Current Plans: Direct Support Associate of Mosaic (formally Krysilis) where I take care of intellectually challenged individuals and their daily needs. I hope to get my Iowa Teaching License and teach Latin in North Central Iowa.

Aisha Dad, '13

Aisha Dad

Former Degree(s): Wellesley College, Honors BA: Comparative Literature and Classical Civilizations
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: *Passed Greek and Latin Qualifying Exam
Current Plans: Pursuing a Comparative Literature Ph.D. program at Harvard University

Michiel van Veldhuizen '12

Former Degree(s): University College Utrecht, BA: Humanities
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: A Theology of Memory: The Concept of Memory in the Greek Experience of the Divine
Current Plans: Pursuing a Ph.D. in Classics at Brown University

Peter G. Caccavale '12


Former Degree(s): College of the Holy Cross, BA: PreMed and Classics
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: Reinterpreting Eros in Plato's Symposium
Current Plans: Received a Master of Arts in Teaching at Brandeis and is teaching Latin, Greek, and History at Needham High School

Jeff Weimer '12


Former Degrees(s): Indiana University, BA History; Brandeis University, MA Greek and Roman Studies
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: That Other Drama Festival: The Role of the Lenaia in Fifth Century Athens
Current Plans: Enrolled in the University of Illinois Ph.D. program in Theatre History & Criticism

Justin Villet '11

Former Degree(s): Clark University 2009, BA in Ancient Civilizations with minor in Philosophy; Brandeis University Master of Arts in Teaching 2012
Greek and Roman Studies MA Thesis: The Early Development of the Polis: Boundaries, Balance, and Unification
Current Plans: Received a Master of Arts in Teaching at Brandeis and is currently teaching History at Walsh Middle School in Framingham