Alumni Update

If you are an alumnus/a, we invite you to fill out our web form, and send us your news (or update what we have recorded for you here). What are you doing, what degrees have you recently finished, what have you researched or published? We want to hear from you! Contact us and update your information!

Senior Presentations


Brittany Joyce - Trinacria Trilingua: Language and Culture in Roman Sicily

Daniel Cline - A Revised Transcription: Total Edition of the MS Venetus B Later-Hand Scholia with Line References

Sohyun Kim - Survey of Roman History to 79 CE: HS Relations to the Development of Pompeiian Styles and the Usage of Pigments


Elizabeth Allen - Medical instruments in the Brandeis Classical Studies Artifact Research Collection: categorization and XRF analysis

Ben Federlin - The origin and intention of medieval bestiaries

Joshua Yankell - Roman Doctors: From Charlatans to Wonder-Workers


Kristina Birthisel - Scholar or scribe? a case study in the formation of the Venetus B manuscript of the Iliad

Hilary Cheney - A disappearing god? changes in visual and literary portrayals of Janus after the Roman Republic


Otis Munroe - Thinking beyond Megale Hellas : inter-cultural and the formulation of identities in Greek Sicily - available for request from the Brandeis University Library