Eunice M. Lebowitz Fellows

The Department of Classical Studies is proud to present the work of the 2011-2012 Eunice M. Lebowitz Fellows, Alison Crandall and Delande Justinvil.

Roman House Model

Alison Crandall ’13 worked with Professor AOK-O during her 2011-12 term as Eunice M. Lebowitz Cohen fellow to create a detailed and completely accurate model of a famous private Roman at Pompeii, the house of the Vettii. She crafted the model from wood in moveable parts, painted replicas of the wall paintings and floors, and designed the room to scale. The model is a paragon of her ingenuity and of her passion for the ancient world.


Roman Fashion

Delande Justinvil '13, Eunice M. Lebowitz Cohen fellow in 2011-2012, had an innovative project that was inspired  by his interest in the clothing industry. He worked with Professor Cheryl Walker on Roman fashion. He designed several outfits and sewed them from scratch—attempting to get the details of fabric, stitching, colors, and design perfectly correct and authentic. Dancers wore several of his pieces of Roman clothing in Julie Judson’s dance performance, “La Bella Pietra,” as a part of the 2012 Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts in the Rose Art Museum.

Watch video 1 and video 2 of "La Bella Pietra" performed with the costumes.

The Department of Classical Studies is no longer accepting applications for the 2013-14 Eunice M. Lebowitz Cohen Fellowship in Classical Studies. Please continue to check the website for announcements on the 2014-15 application. If you have any further questions, please contact Heidi McAllister.