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Recent Senior Theses

Thalia, the Muse of ComedyThe following senior honors theses have been completed in the Department of Classical Studies (or the Department of Classical and Oriental Studies, as it was once known). The list is in the process of being compiled. Thesis Committee members are named parenthetically; there is an asterisk next to names of committee chairs.

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  • Birthisel, Kristina  
    Scholar or Scribe? A Case Study in the Formation of Venetius B Manuscript of the Iliad.
  • Cheney, Hilary  
    A Disappearing God: Changes in Visual and Literary Portrayals of Janus after the Roman Republic.
  • Crandall, Alison
    Containers and Commodities in the Age of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Chemical Analysis of Several Small Ceramic Vessels and their Contents.
  • Kellogg Rideau, Rebecca
    Tolstoy, Virgil, and the Teaching of the Classics in Russia.

Previous Senior Theses (A List in Progress)

  • Baker, Catherine K. (2006)
 Pompeian Mythological Wall Paintings: Myth, Multiformity, and Roman Virtue
. (Koloski-Ostrow*, Muellner, Walker)

  • Beatty, Mark (1990)
 The Purpose and Method of the Subjugation of Britain, AD 43-AD 96

  • Bell-Schlatter, Emrys
. The Imagery of Vision in Aeschylus' Oresteia
 (Muellner*, Visvardi)

  • Brinbaum, Laurence Aimee. (2010) Parallels and Paradigms in Book IV of Vergil's Aeneid. (Muellner, Walker)
  • Bouchard, Jack B. (2010) A Social History of Rural Attika, 479-395 BCE. (Sreenivasan, Kapelle, Walker)
  • Brochu, Lorraine (1985)
 Prehellenistic Fountain-Houses

  • Brown, Matthew A.
The Ideal Roman Statesman as Exhibited in the Letters of Cicero, Seneca and Pliny
(Johnston*, Fischer, Walker)

  • Bryan, Erin I. (2004)
 The Importance of Athenian Women in the Polis
 (Muellner*, Koloski-Ostrow, Walker)

  • Callahan, Jane A. (2004)
 Moschus's Europa: An Intertextual Study 
(Johnston*, Muellner, Koloski-Ostrow)

  • Callahan, Joan (1976)
 The Clever Slave in the Comedies of Plautus

  • Cohen, Ada (1984)
 The Influence of the Near East on Greek Art in the Iron Age, with Special Reference to Bronzes

  • Costrell, Sarah A. (2010) Euclid and the Method of Exhaustion. (Fishman, Muellner)
  • Covitz, Philip (1990)
 Catullus and Lesbia: A Biographical Approach to the Poems
  • Dichter, Caitlin D. (2009)
 The Artistic Effect of Pompeii on French Neoclassical Decorative Arts (Koloski-Ostrow*, Colaizzi, Dowden)

  • Ditmars, Elizabeth van Nes (1992?)
 The Lyric in Sophocles' Antigone

  • Farrell, Christopher A. (2007)
 A Knight at Athens: Revisiting Scholarly Perceptions of Xenophon 
(Walker*, Muellner, Yack)

  • Feferman, Irina (2001)
Laws of Rape and Adultery in 5th and 4th century Athens

  • Gerolami, Timothy A. (1999)
 Clodius, Princeps Tribunorum Plebis: How Clodius Lerned to Love the Mob

  • Glick, Daniel (2001)
 Alcman Fragment I: A Pedagogical Process of Initiation

  • Golden, Jonathan M. (1990)
The Foreign Relations of Egypt with Canaan and Mesopotamia during the Protodynamic Period

  • Green-Sisson. (2010) The Aesthetics of Ancient Greek Music. (Muellner, Keiler)
  • Greenberg, Jessica R. (2005) 
Veterinary Medicine, the Lifeblood of the Classical Period: Development and Retention of Veterinary Techniques 
(Walker*, Kaplan, Koloski-Ostrow)

  • Grossman, Harold E. (2007) 
The Historians of the Gothic War (AD 535-552)
(Walker*, Kapelle, Sreenivasan)

  • Heyman, Joel (1987)
 The Idealistic View of Country Life vs. the Harsh Realities of City Life as Seen through the Eyes of the Roman Satirist Juvenal

  • Horowitz, Wayne (1979)
 Dh'l Qarneyn, The Land of the Sunrise and Sunset, and Beyond: A Case Study in Tradition Building

  • de Jong, Sondra (1994)
 Greed, Gluttony, and Lust: Perceptions of Tradition and Power in Ancient Roman Social Legislation

  • Kahn Troster, Sara S. (2001)
Wicked Whores and Wandering Widows: Women on Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the 11th and 12th Centuries

  • Kasan, Blake. (2011) Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2nd Century CE Rome.
  • Kharfen, Stephen (1985)
 The Cinematic Quality of Ovid's Narrative Technique in the Myrrha Episode

  • Kulkin, Todd P. (2007) 
Cultural Justice: A Study of Athenian Nomoi and Modern American Law
(Muellner*, Koloski-Ostrow, Walker)

  • Kutz, John R. (1999) 
Between Mathematics and Mythology: The Heroic Figure of Pythagoras

  • Lankin, Andrea (2002)
 Galfridian Nationalism: Ideas of Briton Nationhood in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britannie

  • Lapidus, Rachel C. (1990)
 The Stealing of Classical Art Objects: Legal and Ethical Implications, 1800-1990

  • Larson, Eric A. (1984)
 Plutarch's Synthesis of the Moral/Ethical Elements of the Moralia into the Moral Exemplum Embodied din the Alexander

  • Levine, Ely (1999)
 The Occidentalizing Trend in Greek Archaeology: Greek Cultural Impact upon the Cultures of the Levant

  • Lindbeck, Kris (1985)
 Subordination and Partnership: The Position of Married Women in Late Antiquity

  • Long, Leah Emilia (2001) 
Cultural Continuities: The Persistence of Native Religion in Roman North Africa

  • Lukban, Michele Chivian (1985) 
No Stock Disdained: Citizenship and Discrimination in the Early Roman Empire

  • Ma, Dianne J. (2009)
The Thematic Progression of Ovid's Metamorphoses in Relation to Human Development 
(Walker*, Koloski-Ostrow, Muellner)

  • Margulies, Zach (2010) Upon the Shoulders of the Seaward Philistines: Leadership and Governance in Iron Age Philistia (Brettler, Wright)
  • Marmor, Lee A. (2010) The Evolution of the Tribunate in the Roman Republic. (Kapelle, Walker)
  • McElvain, Gayle M. (2006) 
Acquisition and Generation of a Poetic Lexicon: New Cognitive Models for the Homeric Formula 
(Muellner*, Koloski-Ostrow, Walker)

  • Mekel, Nitzan (2000)
 The Pyramid Texts and the Amalgamation of the Osiris and Horus Myths: Political Legitimation in Late Old Kingdom Egypt

  • Mello, Michael P. (2007)
 The Influence of Epicurean Philosophy on Augustine's Confessions 
(Johnston*, Brooten, Walker)

  • Menzin, Lyndsey (2002)
 Sapphic Influences in the Poetry of Catullus

  • Mulder, Hotze (1981) 
Alkman's KHPYΛOΣ-POEM: An analysis of Alkman fr. 26 P., with Appendix: concordance to the Alkman fragments

  • Neuman, Tamara (1987) 
Images of Egypt in Ancient Greek Thought: Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, and Plutarch -- An Interpretive Essay

  • Nudell, Joshua P.
Champions, Friends, Soldiers: The Macedonian Aristocracy, the Officers of Alexander and the Creation of Hellenistic Kingdoms 
(Kapelle*, Sreenivasan, Walker)

  • Ostrander, Amy E. (2010) ECLAS: A Tool Towards the Decipherment of Minoan Linear A. (Muellner, Urcid)
  • Palmer, Glenn (1996)
Why the Shoulder? A study of the placement of the wound in the Mithraic tauroctony

  • Picker, Anne T. (1982) 
The Assyrian Pottery Collection from Tel-Kheleifah and How It Aids in Defining Assyrian Influence in the Southern Negev and Transjordan

  • Porter, Abigail R. (2004)
 Homeric Epic in the Lives of Ancient Greeks
(Muellner*, Koloski-Ostrow, Walker)

  • Post, Jennifer A. (1986)
 Greek Models and Roman Expectations: Arrian's Anabasis and the Second Sophisitic
 Ralston, Nathaniel L. (2007) 
Res Novae: Three Revolutions in the Roman Republic
(Walker*, Kapelle, Koloski-Ostrow)

  • Radin, Jennifer. (2011) Bored Bacchus and Offended Ariadne: Early Baroque Mythological Paintings by Annibale Carracci and Guido Reni. 
  • Rollet, Angela M. (1990)
 The Evolution of the Hero: Mortality and Socialization in Classical Greek Mythology

  • Ross, William T. (1982) 
Sparta's Role in Athenian Political Changes from 514 to 502 B.C.

  • Saidel, Benjamin Adam (1985)
 Judaea Capta Est: A Numismatic Interpretation of the First Jewish Revolt against Rome

  • Samuels, Deborah (1987)
Mythopoeic Thought as a Viable Modality of Discourse for Feminists

  • Signore, Sean (2002)
The Ritual Laments in our Iliad: A Formulaic and Thematic Analysis

  • Simonini, Phillippe (1982)
 The Transition from Infantry to Cavalry Armies, A.D. 69 - A.D. 800

  • Smedile, Valerie J. (2004)
 Rank and Society: An Interpretation of Funerary Offerings at Monte Alban
(Urcid*, Cohen, Koloski-Ostrow)
  • Smith, Alexander J. (2009) 
Mussolini's Past: The Social and Political Implications of Archaeology in Fascist Italy
(Koloski-Ostrow*, Scott, Walker)

  • Smolin, Ada (1993) 
Julia Berenice: A Look at a Judaean Queen of the First Century CE

  • Stewart, Charles (1978)
 Gli Italo-Greci D'Italia Meridionale

  • Taaffe, Sonya (2003)
 Here's the Story: Alkaios 42 and Narrative Context in Greek Lyric and Epic

  • Tibbitts, Theodore (2009)
 The Practical Side of Wine: Viticulture and Viniculture in Ancient Rome
(Koloski-Ostrow*, Johnston, Walker)

  • Towne, Cynthia (1982) 
Roman Women

  • Ware, Elizabeth (1986)
 The Evolution of Dionysos and his Cult from his First Appearance in Greece, c.2000, to the Early Fourth Century BC

  • Weiner, Abigail (1992)
 The Household Gods of Rome: The Lares, The Di Penates, Vesta, and The Genius

  • Weisfeld, Jacob B. (2009) 
The People's Conspiracy: Damnatio Memoriae as an Ad Hoc Procedure in Republican and Imperial Rome
 (Koloski-Ostrow*, Urcid, Walker)

  • Wiesenthal, Alan J. (1973)
 Richard Bentley's Horace: The commentaries in English on 1.23, 3.4, 4.8, and 4.10 with accompanying essays

  • Woodring, Benjamin (2006) 
Tracing Trajectories: Spears, Arrow, and Agency in Ancient Greek Epic Poetry (Muellner*, Koloski-Ostrow, Walker)

  • Wyrick, Jed (1990)
 The Implications of Performance: Archilochus, Sappho, and the Song of Songs

Photograph: Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, with Poet Reading from a Scroll, detail, Phyrgian marble relief, Roman, 180-200 CE, columnar sarcophagus (background removed) from the "Gardens of Pomey," Rome (Photographic Credit Barbara McManus, 2001), by courtesy of the VRoma Project.