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For the most up-to-date information regarding courses, including descriptions and offerings, please visit the University Registrar Bulletin entries for Computer Science and Linguistics.

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The Computational Linguistics Master of Arts (MA) program involves coursework from both Computer Science and Linguistics. The following is a list of CL courses offered in the current school year.

For information on all computational linguistics program courses, including the full description and frequency of offering for each course, please see the Brandeis Course Bulletin Computer Science and Linguistics entries, under 'Courses of Instruction'.

Fall 2016

Computational Linguistics courses

LING 131 Programming for Linguistics (Xue)

LING 160 Mathematical Methods in Linguistics (Malamud)

COSI 112 Modal, Temporal, and Spatial Logic for Language (Pustejovsky)

COSI 134 Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Processing (Wellner)

COSI 136 Automated Speech Recognition (Meteer)

Computer Science Background and Elective Courses

COSI 11 Programming in Java and C (DiLillo)

COSI 21 Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing (Storer)

COSI 29 Discrete Structures (Cherniack)

COSI 118 Computer Supported Cooperation (Alterman)

COSI 129 Intro to Big Data Analysis (Pustejovsky)

Linguistics Background and Elective Courses

LING 105 Phonetics (Plaster)

LING 120 Syntactic Theory (Goldberg)

LING 125 Linguistics Typology (Goldberg)

Spring 2017

Computational Linguistics courses

COSI 114 Fundamentals of Computational Linguistics (Pustejovsky)

COSI 132 Information Retrieval (Anick)

COSI 137 Information Extraction (TBA)

COSI 138 Computational Linguistics Second Year Seminar (Meteer)

COSI 140 Natural Language Annotation for Machine Learning (Meteer)

COSI 217B NLP Systems (TBA)

Computer Science Background and Elective Courses

COSI 12 Advanced Programming Techniques (Salas, Papaemmanouil)

COSI 21 Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing (DiLillo)

COSI 101 Fundamentals of AI (Hong)

COSI 127 Database Management (Cherniack)

COS 130 Intro to the Theory of Computation (DiLillo)

COSI 215 Topics in Computer Supported Cooperation (Alterman)

COSI 121 Structure and Intepretation of Computer Programs (Mairson)

Linguistics Background and Elective Courses

LING 110 Phonological Theory (Plaster)

LING 115 Morphology (Goldberg)

LING 121b Syntax II (Goldberg)

LING 130 Formal Semantics: Truth, Meaning, and Language (Malamud)