Distribution Requirements

Many of the Computer Science degrees contain a breadth requirement with respect to a classification of the courses shown below. Group A consists of courses in artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, cognitive science, computational biology, computational linguistics, and IT entrepreneurship. Group B consists of courses in theoretical computer science, systems, networks, algorithms, and graphics.

The courses in these two groups are listed below:

Group A Courses

COSI 101a: Artificial Intelligence

COSI 111a: Topics in Computational Cognitive Science
COSI 112a: Modal, Temporal, and Spatial Logic for Language

COSI 113b: Machine Learning

COSI 114b: Topics in Computational Linguistics

COSI 118a: Computer Supported Cooperation

COSI 125a: Human-Computer Interaction

COSI 133b: Internet and Society

COSI 134a: Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Processing

COSI 135b: Computational Semantics

COSI 178a: Computational Molecular Biology

COSI 215a: Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

COSI 216a: Topics in Natural Language Processing

COSI 217a: Topics in Adaptive Systems

COSI 217b: Natural Language Processing Systems

COSI 230a: Topics in Computational Biology

COSI 235a: IT Entrepreneurism

COSI 236b: Software Development for IT Entrepreneurism

For detailed course descriptions, please see the University Bulletin.

Group B Courses

COSI 120a: Topics in Computer Systems

COSI 123a: Statistical Machine Learning

COSI 127b: Database Management Systems

COSI 128a: Modern Database Systems

COSI 146a: Principles of Computer System Design

COSI 147a: Distributed Systems

COSI 155b: Computer Graphics

COSI 160a: Parallel Computing and Programming

COSI 175a: Data Compression and Multimedia

COSI 180a: Algorithms

COSI 190a: Introduction to Programming Language Semantics

COSI 220a: Advanced Computer Systems

COSI 227b: Advanced Topics in Database Systems

COSI 228a: Topics in Distributed Systems

For detailed course descriptions, please see the University Bulletin.