2015 Students

Han Duhandu

After two years of working as both a project manager and a software engineer in Bejing, Han realized that a broader knowledge and stronger research skills were crucial for furthering her career. She is excited to study with the faculty at Brandeis in pursuing her interest in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, as well as being given opportunities to participate in research.
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Rong Guan

Formerly a post-doc fellow at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Rong most recently worked as a research scientist for several Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies. She hopes her switch to computer science will afford her a more promising job prospect.
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Emad Khan

After participating in a Silicon Valley startup pre-accelerator, Emad realized that while he loved contributing to projects from a product management and design perspective, he yearned to be able to build out his ideas himself. He believes that studying computer science allows him to add a technical dimension to his product centric skill set.
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Tyler Lichtentyler

For the past two and a half years, Tyler has been working as a Nuclear Engineer at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA nearby Seattle. He received a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle in 2012. He is very excited for the next couple of years and getting to know everyone in the Brandeis community!
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Jacob Nerneyjacob

I grew up and completed my undergraduate studies in Murray, Kentucky. Then, I moved up to Boston and completed the MA in Philosophy program here at Brandeis. After that, I relocated to Pittsburgh where I had a short stint in law school and worked at a food coop for a time. Now, I am back in New England and comin’ back to Brandeis!
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Siting Rensiting

Siting received her bachelor's degree at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications specializing in Information Engineering. Before graduation she worked at Baidu Inc.
as a R&D engineer intern for half a year. Siting is interested in artificial intelligence and information retrieval.
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Ethan Stein

Ethan Stein is an accomplished entrepreneur with a focus on the technology space. Stein launched his first venture in his teenage years that sought to revolutionize the event ticketing business. He's now brought this same innovative approach to the technology space ensuring businesses have a cost effective way of protecting their data. He's secured a partnership with one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act website. The program earned Stein the coveted "Business of the Year" award at the 2015 Jewish People's Choice Awards, as well as Brandeis University's Computer Science Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
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Hui SunHUI

After graduating with a BA in Chemistry from Nanjing University, Hui became disillusioned with the "chemical" way of thinking. Hui witnessed how IT was changing the world and Big Data was transforming the way people acquire information and make decisions. He was so grateful to Brandeis for offering their Master's program in CS for non-majors and looks forward to leaving with a solid foundation in computer science.
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Zhong Tianjiezhong

Zhong just finished his undergraduate degree in computer science at Tongji University. He likes traveling, photography and everything about technology! Check out his photography blog at zhongzhongzhongzhongzhongtianjie.lofter.com. She has been to India for volunteer jobs for about six weeks.

Xin Yaoxinyao

Xin is from Anhui, China and received his undergraduate degree from Anhui Normal University of China and Ball State University of America as an exchange student.
During his time at Ball State, he lived in Muncie, a very small, peacefull village that lacked some of the challenges of a big city, which partly played into his decision to come to Boston. Xin is looking forward to being part of Brandeis, based on the school's reputation and for the opportunity to live near a famous American city!
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Mengdi Zhumengdi.zhu

For Mengdi, computer science is a world of information and inspirations. She dabbled in designing computer games and small applications when she was an undergraduate and now her long-term goal is to become an outstanding software developer. Driven by this passion, she is eagar to develop a better understanding of the computer science field at Brandeis.
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