AlMehdar, Mohammed

Lecturer in Economics

Brainerd, Elizabeth

Susan and Barton Winokur Professor in Economics and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Expertise: Labor economics, economic demography, health economics, health and fertility in post-socialist countries

Browne, Lynn Elaine

Lecturer in Economics

Expertise: Central banking, especially Federal Reserve System. New England economic development.

Bui, Linda

Associate Professor of Economics

Expertise: Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Economics

Carter, Anne P

Professor Emerita of Economics

Expertise: Changing Specialization Of Businesses And Of Workers, Economics Of Information, Technical Change, Technology Transfer

Coiner, Mike

Associate Professor of Economics

Expertise: Economics of higher education; Economics of the public sector

Dolbear, F. Trenery

Senior Associate Dean and Professor Emeritus of Economics

Expertise: Macroeconomics, Public Sector, Budget Issues, Tax Issues

Dzhambova, Krastina

Lecturer in Economics

Evans Jr, Robert

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Georges, Frank

Lecturer in Economics

Expertise: Frank Georges is a lecturer in the economics department at Brandeis. His fields are applied microeconomics, industrial organization and labor economics. More information can be found at his personal website: https://sites.google.com/site/frankgeorgeswebpage/home

Graddy, Kathryn

Fred and Rita Richman Distinguished Professor in Economics

Expertise: economics of the arts, art auctions, investment returns to violins, price discrimination and anti-competitive behavior

Habibi, Nader

Henry J. Leir Professor of the Economics of the Middle East, in the Crown Center, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics

Hall, George J.

Fred C. Hecht Professor of Economics

Expertise: Business cycle dynamics; fiscal policy and debt management; firm inventory investment and dynamic pricing.

Hilscher, Jens

Associate Professor of Finance in the Brandeis International Business School

Expertise: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Credit Risk, Sovereign Debt, Behavioral Finance

Jaffe, Adam B.

Research Professor of Economics

Expertise: Industrial organization; technological change and innovation; law and economics; environmental economics. Interested in the process of technological change and innovation.

Jefferson, Gary H

Carl Marks Professor of International Trade and Finance

Expertise: Chinese Economy, Economic Development, Innovation and Technical Change,

Katz, Marcia

Adjunct Professor in the International Business School

Expertise: Career Development, Counseling and Coaching, Executive Education

Kimelman, Nancy

Lecturer in Economics

Lynch, Lisa M.

Interim President and Maurice B. Hexter Professor of Social and Economic Policy

Expertise: Labor Markets, Unemployment, Economics, Organizational Innovation

McCulloch, Rachel

Professor Emerita of Economics

Expertise: International Economic Policy

Menon, Nidhiya

Associate Professor of Economics

Expertise: Development economics, Applied Microeconomics, Labor, Health, Gender, Demography

Pettenuzzo, Davide

Assistant Professor of Economics

Expertise: Time-series econometrics Bayesian econometrics Econometric methods in finance

Redenius, Scott A.

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Expertise: Economic History, The Economics of Financial Institutions

Schoenle, Raphael

Assistant Professor of Economics

Expertise: International Macroeconomics, Macro- and Monetary Economics, International Trade

Schwalberg, Barney K

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Shiller, Benjamin R.

Assistant Professor of Economics

Expertise: Industrial Organization, Economics of the Internet, Applied Microeconomics

Tortorice, Daniel L.

Assistant Professor of Economics

Expertise: Macroeconomics: Business Cycles, Unemployment, Aggregate Consumption, Expectations.