Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Yale University

Field of Specialty

Economics of higher education; Economics of the public sector

Contact Information

Sachar International Center 4

Mike Coiner

Professor Coiner teaches courses in the Economics of Education and Economics of the Public Sector, in addition to some of the core Economics courses.


Coiner,Harry Michael. "How Large a Fraction of University Endowment May Safely Be Spent." Journal of Higher Education Management 8 (1), 57-67.. 1992.

Coiner,Harry Michael. "The Lognormality of University Endowment in the Far Future and its Implications." Economics of Education Review 9 (2), 157-161.. 1990.

Courses Taught

ECON 2a A Survey of Economics
ECON 10a Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 20a Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 59b The Economics of Education
ECON 134b Public Sector Economics