Senior Lecturer in the Brandeis International Business School


Ph.D., New York University

Field of Specialty

Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions, Labor Economics, Global Political Economy, and Energy Finance / Politics

Contact Information

Sachar International Center 13

John Ballantine Jr.

John W. Ballantine is a specialist in corporate finance, political economy, and energy. He has taught finance, economics, and banking at Babson College and been a research associate at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He was the Chief Financial Officer of a small start-up software company that raised over $1 million. Ballantine was also a senior consultant with the Financial Industries Division at Arthur D. Little, Inc., and a banker with Chase Manhattan Bank. He has published a number of articles about labor economics, the banking industry, financial crises, and small business finance. He currently is Director of the MSF program at Brandeis International Business and focused on building the energy finance / sustainability program at the school.


Ballantine Jr., John. "Looking into the Crystal Ball: Seeing the Shape of Our Energy Future." September, 2011. (forthcoming)

Ballantine Jr., John. "“A country divided will…Fall apart, bounce back, stagnate, or… what?” ”." Salon.com http://open.salon.com/blog/johnbal/2010/10/21/a_country_divided_will. (2011)

Ballantine Jr., John. "Back from the Abyss, the Great Recession is Ending, Ever so Slowly." Salon, online November 12, 2009. November (2010): <salon.com see, http://open.salon.com/blog/johnbal>.

Ballantine Jr., John. "Lonelyville is Happy." Sweden Conference on Urban Policies and Social Capital, Lidkoping, Sweden. September 24, 2009.

Courses Taught

BUS 291g General Education Seminar
ECON 201a Global Economic Environment
ECON 277f Public Policy, Business Leadership and World Affairs: An Insider's Perspective
FIN 201a Investments
FIN 232a Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis
FIN 235a Investing in Energy: Fossil Fuels to Cleaner Energy
FIN 255a World Financial Centers
FIN 255f World Financial Centers