Carl Marks Professor of International Trade and Finance


Ph.D., Yale University

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Chinese Economy, Economic Development and Growth, Innovation and Technical Change,

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Lemberg Academic Center 128B

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Gary H Jefferson

A specialist in the Chinese economy, Gary Jefferson's research interests include economic development and the economics of innovation with special focus on the economy of China. Jefferson has published extensively, often with research colleagues in China, on topics including industrial productivity growth, enterprise restructuring, R&D and patenting, FDI spillovers, and China's research institute sector. He is a current or recent editor and advisor to several journals, including Chinese Economic Review, Journal of Asian Studies, Journal of Contemporary China, Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, Comparative Economic Studies, Fudan University Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences.


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Courses Taught

ECON 30a The Economy of China
ECON 141b Economics of Innovation
ECON 252f The Economy of China
ECON 370a Development Economics