Assistant Professor of Economics


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Field of Specialty

Economics of the Digitization, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Contact Information

Sachar International Center 209B

Benjamin R. Shiller

Relatively new phenomenon like internet commerce and massive data collection on consumer behavior (Big Data) may induce fundamental changes to the economy. My research goal is to study these changes. Examples of my research include studying whether ad blocking reduces websites investments in content, whether proprietary data collection allows prolonged profitability even in the face of competition, and the impact of personalized pricing, i.e. setting unique prices to different individuals based on their web-browsing behavior. I have also studied how digitizing entertainment products impacts markets, via optimal pricing strategies and by shutting down resale. I incorporate related research directly into my teaching.


Shiller, Benjamin R.. "Digital Distribution and the Prohibition of Resale Markets for Information Goods." Quantitative Marketing and Economics (2013). (forthcoming)

Shiller, Benjamin / Joel Waldfogel / Johnny Ryan. "The Effect of Ad Blocking on Website Traffic and Quality." Rand Journal of Economics 49. 1 (2018): 43-63.

Shiller, Benjamin R./Imke Reimers. "Impact of Proprietary Data Collection on Price Discrimination and Competition.

Shiller, Benjamin R.. "First Degree Price Discrimination Using Big Data." February 2014.

Shiller, Benjamin R./Joel Waldfogel. "The Challenge of Revenue Sharing with Bundled Pricing." Economic Inquiry 51. 2 (2013): 1155-1165.

Shiller, Benjamin R./Joel Waldfogel. "Music for a Song: An Empirical Look at Uniform Song Pricing and Its Alternatives." Journal of Industrial Economics 59. 4 (2011): 630-660.

Courses Taught

ECON 80a Microeconomic Theory
ECON 340a Empirical Industrial Organization