Senior Lecturer in the Brandeis International Business School


Ph.D., University of Michigan

Field of Specialty

Business Analytics, Data Management, Applied Quantitative Methods, Statistics Education

Contact Information

Sachar International Center 11

Robert Carver

Robert Carver joined IBS in 2004 and is now a Senior Lecturer. He is also Professor of Business Administration at Stonehill College, where he has been since 1982. Both Brandeis and Stonehill have honored him with excellence in teaching awards. He is author and co-author of four statistics texts (SAS Press & Cengage Learning) and has published articles in Technology Innovations in Statistics Education (TISE), PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, Case Studies in Business, Government, & Industry Statistics, The Journal of Business Ethics. The Journal of Statistics Education, PS: Political Science & Politics, Publius, Public Administration Review, Public Productivity Review, and the Journal of Consumer Marketing.


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Courses Taught

BUS 10a Functions of the Capitalist Enterprise
BUS 211f Analyzing Big Data I
BUS 212a Analyzing Big Data II
BUS 240f Information Visualization
BUS 256a Marketing Analytics
ECON 210f Foundations of Statistics and Econometrics I