Barbara and Richard M. Rosenberg Professor of Global Finance in the Brandeis International Business School (On Leave)


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Field of Specialty

Empirical international trade, capital flows, and exchange rates; globalization of Information technology and economic performance

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Contact Information

Lemberg Academic Center

Catherine L Mann

Dr. Catherine L. Mann (www.CLMann.com) joined the faculty of International Business School at Brandeis in 2006 after more than 20 years working in policy institutions and think tanks in Washington DC, including the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the President's Council of Economic Advisers at the White House, and the World Bank. Her current research focuses on two related topics: international trade, capital flows, and the dollar; and globalization of Information technology and economic performance. Professor Mann is currently serving as the Chief Economist at the OECD.

On the economic and policy implications of globalization of information technology and services, she authored Accelerating the Globalization of America: The Role for Information Technology (2006) and Global Electronic Commerce: A Policy Primer (2000); as well as numerous articles, including “Assessing the Potential Benefit of Trade Facilitation: A Global Perspective,” World Economy (2005) and “The US Current Account, New Economy Services, and Implications for Sustainability,” Review of International Economics (2004)
On the economic and policy implications of the US current account and dollar exchange rate, she authored Is the US Trade Deficit Sustainable? (1999) and notable articles including: “Managing Exchange Rates: Evidence of Global Re-balancing or Global Co-dependency?” Business Economics (2004) and “Perspectives on the US Current Account Deficit and Sustainability,” Journal of Economic Perspectives (2002).


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Courses Taught

ECON 161a International Finance
ECON 201a Global Economic Environment
ECON 203f Advanced International Macroeconomics: Theory, Evidence, and Policy
ECON 262f Outsourcing and Offshoring: Multinationals, Technology, and Globalization