Associate Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Field of Specialty

Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Economics

Contact Information

Sachar International Center 125

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Linda Bui

Linda T.M. Bui does research in environmental economics, industrial organization and public economics. She received her Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has taught at Boston University, the University of Michigan, MIT, and the Sloan School of Management. She is a member of the EPA Science Advisory Board Council on the Economy-wide Modeling and the Environmental Justice. She is also a member of the EPA Science Advisory Board Board's Scientific and Technological Achievements Awards Committee. Her current research focuses on the effect of environmental regulation on health outcomes.


Bui, Linda. "Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?." Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy 5. 2 (2016).

Bui, Linda and Samuel Kapon. "The Impact of Voluntary Programs on Polluting Behavior: Evidence from Pollution Prevention Programs and Toxic Releases." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 10.1016/j.jeem.2012.01.002.. (2012).

Agarwal, Nikhil, Chanont Banterghansa, Linda Bui. "Toxic Exposure in America: Measuring Fetal and Infant Health Outcomes from 14 years of TRI Reporting." Journal of Health Economics 29. 4 (2010): 557-574.

Bui, Linda. "Book Review: Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry.." Rev. of Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry., by Travis Bradford. Journal of Economic Literature September, 2007

Bui,Linda. "Regulation and Capitalization of Environmental Amenities: Evidence from the Toxics Release Inventory." Review of Economics and Statistics (2003).

Courses Taught

ECON 57a Environmental Economics
ECON 83a Statistics for Economic Analysis
ECON 134b Public Sector Economics
ECON 301a Advanced Microeconomics I
ECON 399a Dissertation Workshop