Professor of International Business in the Brandeis International Business School


D.B.A., Harvard University

Field of Specialty

Specializing in strategy of business combinations, including alliances, partnerships, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. General expertise in business strategy, international business, and technology strategy.

Website: www.alliancestrategy.com
Email: bgc@brandeis.edu
Twitter: @bencasseres

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Lemberg Academic Center 258

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Ben Gomes-Casseres

Ben Gomes-Casseres is an authority on alliance strategy and management. He has researched this topic for 30 years, taught it to MBAs and executives, and consulted with major companies worldwide.

At Brandeis, Ben teaches courses on business strategy and directs the MBA program and the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship. Before coming to Brandeis, he served a decade on the faculty of the Harvard Business School; before that, he was an economist at the World Bank.

Ben's most recent book is "Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations" (Harvard Business Review Press, 2015). Earlier, he authored "The Alliance Revolution: The New Shape of Business Rivalry" (Harvard University Press, 1996) and co-authored "Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and Organization" (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2003). Ben's work has also appeared in various scholarly journals and industry periodicals. Many of his publications, including current blog postings, are at http://www.alliancestrategy.com.

Ben is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a consultant and executive trainer to global.


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Courses Taught

BUS 260a Competition and Strategy
BUS 261a Managing Technology and Innovation
BUS 262a Alliance, Acquisition, and Divestment Strategy
BUS 263a Strategy and Innovation