Dean of the International Business School, and Fred and Rita Richman Distinguished Professor in Economics


Ph.D., Princeton University

Field of Specialty

economics of the arts, art auctions, investment returns to violins, price discrimination and anti-competitive behavior

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Sachar International Center 203

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Kathryn Graddy

My research interests are in the fields of the economics of art and culture and industrial organization. Specifically, recent work has been in the areas of creativity of artists, auction guarantees, behavioral economics of auction prices, and investment returns to violins. I enjoy teaching all levels of microeconomics, game theory, and industrial organization, along with an interdisciplinary course on the economics of the arts.

My homepage is located at http://people.brandeis.edu/~kgraddy/


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Courses Taught

BUS 120a Organizational Behavior in Business
ECON 80a Microeconomic Theory
ECON 135a Industrial Organization
ECON 181b Game Theory and Economic Applications
ECON 302a Advanced Microeconomics II
ECON 399a Dissertation Workshop
ECON/FA 87a Economics and the Arts