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Uri Yahil is a senior at Brandeis University majoring in Economics and minoring in Politics and East Asian Studies. Although he didn’t study abroad, he has spent a great deal of time in other countries, traveling in his free time. Uri feels that this has contributed largely to his interest in global economics. He is originally from Stony Brook, Long Island.

 Uri was first drawn to the field of economics as a freshman, when he stumbled upon “The Worldly Philosophers”, a book about the history of economic philosophy. He proceeded to take as many challenging and differing courses in economics as possible. Argumentative by nature, Uri has been drawn to learn about heterodox economic approaches. If you ask him a theory-based question, be prepared for at least a half-hour discussion on contending economic theories! Also an avid gamer and fan of turn-based strategy, Uri is very interested in Game Theory, and encourages all economics students to take this course at Brandeis whenever it is offered.

 In pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Uri believes he has improved his ability to solve problems and discover relationships between seemingly unconnected things. Uri would love to take these skills into the world of law, where he would ultimately like to work in financial regulation.

 Besides his academic interests, Uri enjoys staying physically active, reading non-fiction and following sports. His hobbies include cross-fitness training and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and he is a big fan of MMA.

 As an Economics UDR, Uri hopes to be a friendly resource for current and prospective Economics majors. Please feel free to email Uri with any questions you have about Economics at Brandeis!