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 Peter is an incoming senior from Berkeley California. He plans on double majoring in economics and business, and minoring in IGS and politics.

He is particularly interested in both the causes, and the lasting effects of the financial meltdown of 2008. Following the crash, he took particular interest in the 2008 presidential election, wondering how the two contrasting economic plans presented would impact the course of the country. With millions of livelihoods on the line, our generations’ answers to economic questions will help to decide the course of the world, and Peter hopes to be an active voice in this ongoing debate.
Peter was the BUGS tutor for Econ 2a/10a/20a/28b, and continues tutoring after returning from studying abroad in Sydney Australia. He is also a member of the Brandeis Men’s Volleyball team.
In his spare time, Peter enjoys playing cello, listening to music, photography, and reading books about string theory and economics, as well as the occasional novel.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Peter with any questions you might have about the economics major, he is excited about the prospect of helping other students through the major/ minor.