Did You Know?

Recent graduates have attained tenure-track positions at institutions such as Connecticut College, San Francisco State University, Rider University, Bentley University and the University of Toledo.  

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Alumni Publications

Emily Bernhard Jackson (2005)

Lecturer, University of Exeter
The Development of Byron's Philosophy of Knowledge, Palgrave Macmillan (2010)

Thomas Brennan (2002)

Associate Professor, St. Joseph's University
Trauma, Transcendence, and Trust, Palgrave Macmillan (2010)

Laura Browder (1994)

Professor, University of Richmond
When Janey Comes Marching Home (with Sascha Pflaeging), University of North Carolina Press (2010)

Brian Chalk

Assistant Professor, Manhattan College
Monuments and Literary Posterity in Early Modern Drama, Cambridge U Press, (2015)

Bridget Chalk (2010)

Assistant Professor, Manhattan College
Modernism and Mobility, Palgrave Macmillan (2014)

Sari Edelstein (2009)

Assistant Professor, UMASS Boston
Between the Novel and the News, University of Virginia Press (2014)

Rosemarie Garland-Thomson (1993)

Professor, Women's Studies, Emory University
Staring:  How We Look, Oxford University Press, (2009)

David Greven (2002)

Associate Professor, University of South Carolina
Intimate Violence: Hitchcock, Sex, and Queer Theory, Oxford University Press (2017)
Ghost Faces: Hollywood and Post-Millennial Masculinity, SUNY Press (2017)
Gender Protest and Same-Sex Desire in Antebellum American Literature, Ashgate (2014)
Psycho-Sexual: Male Desire in Hitchcock, De Palma, Scorsese, and Friedkin,
University of Texas Press (2013)
The Fragility of Manhood: Hawthorne, Freud, and the Politics of Gender,
Ohio State University Press (2012)
Representations of Femininity in American Genre Cinema,
Palgrave Macmillan (2011)
Manhood in Hollywood from Bush to Bush, University of Texas Press (2009)
Gender and Sexuality in Star Trek: Allegories of Desire in the Television Series and Films (McFarland, 2009)

Jackie Horne (2006)

Independent Scholar
History and the Construction of the Child in Early British Children's Literature, Ashgate (2011)
Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows: A Children's Classic at 100, Scarecrow (2009)
Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden: A Children's Classic at 100, Scarecrow (2011)

Holly Jackson (2008)

Assistant Professor, UMASS Boston
American Blood: The End of the Family in American Literature, 1850-1900, Oxford University Press (2013)

Xue-Fei (Ha) Jin (1993)

Professor, Boston University
A Map of Betrayal, Pantheon (2015)
Nanjing Requiem, Pantheon (2011)
A Good Fall,
Vintage (2010)

Karen Kilcup (1986)

Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Fallen Forests: Emotion, Embodiment and Ethics in American Women's Environmental Writing, 1781-1924, U of Georgia Press (2014)

Mary Leader (2000)

Professor, Purdue University
Beyond the Fire, Shearsman Books (2010)

Andrew Mattison (2005)

Professor, University of Toledo
The Unimagined in the English Renaissance,
Fairleigh Dickinson (2013)

Daniel Morris (1992)

Professor, Purdue University
After Weegee: Essays on Contemporary Jewish American Photographers, Syracuse UP (2011)

Andrea Most (2001)

Professor, University of Toronto
Theatrical Liberalism, New York University Press (2013)

Rebecca Olson (2008)

Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
Arras Hanging: The Textile That Determined Early Modern Literature and Drama, University of Delaware (2013)

Theresa Rebeck (1989)

Author and Screenwriter
I'm Glad About You, Putnam (2016)

Dara Rossman Regaignon (2000)

Director of Expository Writing and Associate Professor of English, New York University
Writing Program Administration at Small Liberal Arts Colleges, Parlor Press (2012)
co-authored with Jill M. Gladstein

Aaron Ritzenberg (2006)

Associate Director of Writing, Columbia University
Sentimental Touch, Fordham Press (2012)

Kim Savelson (1998)

Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University
Where the World is Not, Ohio State University Press (2009)

Benjamin Schreier (2003)

Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University
The Impossible Jew: Identity and the Reconstruction of Jewish American Literary HistoryNew York University Press (2014)

The Power of Negative Thinking:  Cynicism and the History of Modern American Literature, University of Virginia Press (2009)

Louis Schwartz (1990)

Professor, University of Richmond
Milton and Maternal Mortality, Cambridge University Press (2009)
James Holly Hanford Award for Most Distinguished Book Published on Milton in 2009. The Milton Society of America.

Stephanie Shirilan (2009)

Assistant Professor of English, Syracure University
Robert Burton and the Transformative Powers of Melancholy, Ashgate (2015)

Daniel Worden (2006)

Assistant Professor of English, University of New Mexico
The Comics of Joe Sacco, editor, U Press of Mississippi (2016)
Masculine Style: The American West and Literary Modernism, Palgrave (2011)
Recipient of the Western Literature Association's Thomas Lyon Book Award (2012) 

Aaron Worth (2004)

Assistant Professor, Boston University
Imperial Media, Ohio State University Press (2014)