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Fall 2009 Courses

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Introductory Courses

ENG 11a   Introduction to Literary Method
Mary Baine Campbell     TF 3-4:30

ENG 1a   Introduction to Literary Studies               
May be substituted for 11a.                  
Faith Smith      MWR 12-1   

Courses Pre 1850

ENG 36a   America’s First Bestsellers
Michael Gilmore     MW 2-3:30

ENG 123a   Dreams and Visions
Mary Baine Campbell     TF 10:30-12

ENG 135a   Major British Novelists: Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens, & George Eliot
John Plotz     MWR 11-12

ENG 144b   The Body as Text
Tom King     TR 5-6:30

COML 115b   Fictions of Liberty 
Sue Lanser     TF 9-10:30


ENG 27b   Classic Hollywood Cinema
Paul Morrison     MWR 10-11

ENG 28a   Nature Writing
Caren Irr     MW 3:30-5

ENG 38b   American South 
John Burt     MWR 1-2    

ENG 50b   American Independent Film
Caren Irr     MWR 1-2

ENG 57b   Writing the Nation: James Baldwin, Philip Roth, Toni Morrison  
A. Abdur-Rahman     TF 1:30-3

ENG 66a   Women & Political Power in 19th-century American Fiction
Amy Easton     TF 9-10:30

ENG 88b   Contemporary British Literature
David Sherman     TF 1:30-3

ENG 151b   Theater/Theory: Investigating Performance
Tom King     TF 12-1:30

COML 163a   Mediums and Messages
Lisa Swanstrom     MWR 9-10

World Literature Courses

ENG 22a   Filmi Fictions: From Page to Screen in India   
Ulka Anjaria     TF 12-1:30

ENG 111b   Postcolonial Theory
Ulka Anjaria     TF 3-4:30

Creative Writing Courses

ENG 39a   Poetry: Beginner's Ear
Melanie Braverman     R 2-5

ENG 79a   Directed Writing: Beginning Screenplay
Marc Weinberg    TBD
ENG 109a   Directed Writing: Poetry    
Melanie Braverman     M 2-5                                        

ENG 109b   Directed Writing
: Short Fiction  
Stephen McCauley     T 1:30-4:30
ENG 119a   Directed Writing: Fiction  
Stephen McCauley     R 2-5


ENG 200a   Methods of Literary Study
John Plotz     M 2-5

ENG 207a   Race, Desire, and the Literary Imagination
A Abdur-Rahman     T 9-12

ENG 218a   Unfinished Conversations in Literature and Philosophy
David Sherman     F 9-12

ENG 236a   American Poetry of the Nineteeth Century
John Burt     W 2-5

Graduate Consortium Courses