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ENG 107a   Women Writing Desire: Caribbean Fiction & Film
Faith Smith     MW 5-6:30

ENG 107b   Literary Witnessing & the Poetics of Memory
David Sherman     MWR 12-1

ENG/HIST 118b  London from Restoration to Regency: People, Culture, City
Lanser/Kamensky     TF 12-1:30

ENG 104a   18th-Century Poetry
William Flesch     TF 1:30-3

ENG 121a   Sex and Culture
Paul Morrison     MWR 12-1

ENG 148b   Me, Myself, & I: The Theme of Self-Conflict
Laura Quinney     TF 10:30-12

ENG 167a   Decolonizing Fictions
Ulka Anjaria     TF 3-4:30

ENG 177b     The Rock and Roll Novel
Caren Irr     MWR 11-12

ENG 200a   Methods of Literary Studies
Caren Irr     M 2-5

ENG 208a   American Fins de Siecles
Michael Gilmore     T 9-12

ENG 208b   Dreaming & Meaning, 1200-1750
Mary Baine Campbell     W 2-5

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