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Spring 2011 Graduate Courses

ENG 111a   How Fiction Works: Narrative in Theory and Practice
Sue Lanser     MWR 1-2

ENG 127a   Novel in India
Ulka Anjaria     TF 10:30-12

ENG 127b  Migrating Bodies, Migrating Texts
Faith Smith     TF 9-10:30

ENG 145b   Jane Austen
Sue Lanser     MWR 11-12

ENG 152b   Arthurian Literature
Mary Baine Campbell     TF 1:30-3

ENG 157a   Contemporary Poetry
Laura Quinney     MWR 12-1

ENG 173a   Spenser and Milton
William Flesch     MWR 10-11

ENG 177a   Hitchcock
Paul Morrison     MWR 10-11

ENG 181a   Making Sex, Performing Gender
Tom King     MWR 11-12

COML 117a     Magical Realism and Modern Myth
David Sherman     TF 12-1:30

ENG 231a   Performing the Early Modern Self
Tom King     M 2-5

ENG 231b  Language and Power
Ulka Anjaria     T 1:30-4:30

ENG 241a   Darwinian Approaches to Narrative Theory
William Flesch     W 2-5

Graduate Consortium Courses