ENG 108a  Literature and Heresy
Laura Quinney, MWR 1-1:50

ENG 117a  Salman Rushdie
David Babcock, TR 3:30-4:50

ENG 120a  The Orlando Project
Thomas A. King, TF 12:30-1:50

ENG 128b  Postcolonial Epidemics
David Babcock, TF 12:30-1:50

ENG 135b   Novel Horizons: Victorian Fiction and the Global Imagination
Sebastian Lecourt, TR 5-6:30

ENG 156a   Local Rebels: Cambridge Authors against the Grain
Michael Gilmore, MWR 10-10:50

ENG 156b   When Genius is a Family Affair: Henry, William, and Alice James
Kathleen Lawrence, M 5-8

ENG 167b  Twentieth-Century Black Fiction
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, TR 2-3:20

ENG 207b  Fiction of the American South
John Burt, M 2-4:50

ENG 227a  Studies in Modernism
Paul Morrison, T 9-11:50

ENG 233a  Shakespeare Seminar
Thomas King, R 2-4:50

Graduate Consortium Courses