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Registrar's listing spring 2016

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Spring 2016 Courses

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Core Course for English and Creative Writing

ENG 1a,  Introduction to Literary Studies
William Flesch, MWTh 11-11:50

Courses Pre-1800

ENG 44b, Jane Austen's Eighteenth Century
Sue Lanser, MW 2-3:20

ENG 80b,  The Tale
Mary Campbell, MWTh 10-10:50

ENG 173a, Spenser & Milton
William Flesch, MWTh 9-9:50

Courses Post-1800

ENG 7a,  American Literature from 1900-2000
John Burt, TF 11-12:20

ENG 20b, The Art of Flirtation
Dawn Skorczewski, TTh 3:30-4:50

ENG 30a, Intro to Graphic Novels
Roanne Kantor, TF 9:30-10:50

ENG 45b, Romanticism: Gods, Nature, Loneliness, Dreams
Laura Quinney, MWTh 1-1:50

ENG 47a, Frontier Visions: The West in American Literature and Culture
Jerome Tharaud, MWTh 12-12:50

ENG 78b, Modernism, Atheism, God
David Sherman, TF 11-12:20


ENG 30a, Intro to Graphic Novels
Roanne Kantor, TF 9:30-10:50

ENG 130a,  Representing Poverty
Caren Irr, MWTh 12-12:50


COML/ENG 141b, Literature and Time
Laura Quinney, MW 3:30-4:50

Multicultural Literature / World Anglophone

ENG 142a, Literary Booms: Latin America, South Asia, and Beyond
Roanne Kantor, TTh 5-6:20

ENG 162b, Narratives of Disability in South Asia
Roanne Kantor, TF 12:30-1:50

ENG 197b,  Within the Veil
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, MWTh 11-11:50

Creative Writing Courses

ENG 109b,  Directed Writing
: Short Fiction 
Michelle Hoover, Th 2-4:50
ENG 119a,  Directed Writing: Fiction 
Stephen McCauley, MW 5-6:20

ENG 119b,  Directed Writing: Poetry 
Kirun Kapur, M 2-4:50

ENG 139a, Broadsides, Public Art, and Non-Traditional Publishing
Elizabeth Bradfield, T 2-4:50

ENG 139b,  Intermediate Screenwriting
Marc Weinberg, T 6:30-9:20