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Spring 2010 Graduate Courses



ENG 132b   Chaucer
Mary Baine Campbell     MWR 1-2

ENG 136a   Race and Realism
Michael Gilmore     MWR 1-2

ENG 151a   Queer Studies
A. Abdur-Rahman & T. King     MWR 12-1

ENG 162a   Totalitarian Fictions
Ulka Anjaria     MWR 10-11

ENG 157b   American Women Poets
Mary Baine Campbell     MW 5-6:30

ENG 187a   American Fiction Since 1945
Caren Irr     TF 10:30-12

ENG 220b   The Novel Nation, The Making of English Fiction
Sue Lanser     W 2-5

ENG 227a   Studies in Modernism
Paul Morrison     T 9-12

ENG 237a   Reading the Black Transnation
Faith Smith     T 4:30-7:30

Graduate Consortium Courses