Miscellany from the Material World of Books

“[Language] is not so much a stock of materials as a horizon, which implies both a boundary and a perspective; in short, it is the comforting area of an ordered space.  The writer literally takes nothing from it; a language is for him rather a frontier, to overstep which alone might lead to the linguistically supernatural; it is a field of action, the definition of, and hope for, a possibility.”
– Roland Barthes, Writing Degree Zero

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The Joy of Books

The World's Largest Book


Organizing the Bookcase

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi (nsfw)

Su Blackwell

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Literature Lab

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Welcome to Literature Lab.  L.L. is a series of interviews with literary scholars about the questions and concepts that drive their work.  These podcasts are for anyone who takes pleasure in reading.  L.L. is produced by David Sherman, who teaches in the English Department, and sponsored by the Theodore and Jane Norman Fund at Brandeis University.  Feel free to write David with questions, ideas, or feedback at davidsherman@brandeis.edu, and to check out his faculty page here

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J. Hillis Miller
Why Read? Thoughts from a Cold Heaven

Ben Marcus
Make It Strange: Ben Marcus on the Outskirts of Realism

Mary Poovey
On the Secret Lives of Literary Genres, Markets, and Money

Lara Langer Cohen
Fraudulence and the Making of U.S. Literature

William Flesch
Adventures in Close Reading

Gregory Castle
Yeats and Irish Revival

Robert Crossley
Imagining Mars

Robert Waxler
Convicted Reading, or, Literature in Alternative Sentencing

John Paul Riquelme
The Gothic Novel

Leah Price
How to Do Things with Books in Victorian Britain

Lisa Rodensky
Oprah, the Victorian Novel, and You

Nicholas Watson
The Medieval Imagination, or, the Fresh Blood of the Deep Past

Laura Tanner
Virtual Reality in 9/11 Fiction

Carrie J. Preston
Ezra Pound, Noh Theater, and Submission