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Graduate Student Accomplishments


Jodie Austin

Co-Director of the Writing Center, Brandeis University

Marg Carkeet

"'Oh, that Harold would thrash me severely!': Victorian Romance, Colonialism, and the Masochistic Bildungsroman"
Graduate Panel, Harvard Humanities Center Seminar on Victorian Literature and Culture, December 5, 2013.

Kurt Cavender

“The Novelist as Intellectual:  Writing History Against Power” Annual Conference on Public Intellectuals, Harvard University, April 2014

“Vilem Flusser, Wolfgang Ernst, and the Post-Historical Techno-Logics of Augmented Reality Software” ReMEDIAting Flusser Symposium and Digital Humanities Project, University of Connecticut, November 2013

"A Dialectic of Play: The Hegelian Logic of Cather's The Professor's House"
American Literature Association conference in May 2013

Erin Erhart

"‘There is no Future in England’s Dreaming’: The Failure of Individual Freedom in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race." Society for Utopian Studies Conference, Charleston, South Carolina; November 14-17, 2013.

"Fear and Loathing in Science Fiction: Inhumanity and the Limitations of Language in Early SF." NEMLA Conference, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; April 3-6, 2014. 

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University workshop “Breakthroughs: Creativity Across the Disciplines.”  May 21, 2013.

Lydia Fash

"Irving’s Double-Genre Sketch Book: The First Transatlantic Bestseller." 
NeMLA, Boston, March 2013

"The Chronicle and the Reckoning: A Temporal Paradox in Hawthorne's Twice-Told Tales."   Narrative 21.2 (Spring 2013). 221-242.

Emily Fine

“Reinterpreting Scripture in Lanyer’s Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum." Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Harrisburg, PA. April 3-6, 2014

"Polemical Conversation and Biblical Hermeneutics in the the Gender Pamphlet War"
NEMLA, March 21-24, 2013, Boston, MA.

Michaela Henry

"How Did it Come to This: the (un)Death of Postcolonial Theory in the 21st Century Transnational Novel," International Conference on Narrative, March 27-30, 2014, Boston, MA

"'How did it come to this...': Self-consciousness of literary capital and narrative form in Kamila Shamsie's Burnt Shadows," ACLA Annual Meeting, March 20-23, 2014, New York, NY

"Dangarembga: Turning Novel Forms on the Turn of the Century"
2013 NeMLA Conference, March 21-24, 2013, Boston, MA

Brenden O'Donnell

"Laughing at the Apocalypse: Conflicted Comedy and 90s Queer Cinema." NeMLA 2014 (Harrisburg, PA) - forthcoming

Tina Van Kley

Co-Director of the Writing Center, Brandeis University

"Austen's Clergymen."
Locations of Austen Conference, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK.
July 11-13, 2013

Conley Wouters

"'What am I, a Machine?': Humans and Information in The Pale King." David Foster Wallace and "the Long Thing": New Essays on the Novel. Ed. Marshall Boswell. Bloomsbury Academic, 2014.