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Author/Editor Title Publisher/Year Comments
Adorno, Theodor Aesthetic Theory U Minnesota/1997  
Adorno, Theodor & Horkheimer, Max Dialectic of Enlightenment Stanford U Press/2002 ed. Noerr, trans. Jephcott
Albert, Elisa The Book of Dahlia Free Press/2008 Alumnus
Altick, Richard The English Common Reader    
Armstrong, Nancy Desire and Domestic Fiction Oxford Univ Press/ 1987  
Aravamudan, Srinivas Guru English Princeton U Press/2006  
Bakhtin, M.M. The Dialogic Imagination Univ of Texas Press/1981 Michael Holquist, ed
Baldwin, James Notes of a Native Son Beacon Press/1984  
Bolker, Joan Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day Henry Holt  
Bruckner, Martin The Geographic Revolution in Early America U of North Carolina/2006 Alumnus
Cavell, Stanley Disowning Knowledge Cambridge U Press/2003  
Channer,  Colin The Girl with the Golden Shoes Akashic Books
Channer, Colin Passing Through Ballantine Books
Dimock, Wai Chee Through Other Continents Princeton U Press/2006  
Eagleton, Terry The Ideology of the Aesthetic Blackwell/1990  
Eagleton, Terry After Theory Basic Books/2003  
Edwards, Brent Hayes The Practice of Diaspora Harvard U Press/2003  
Eliot, T.S. Selected Essays 1917-1932 Harcourt, Brace & Co/1932  
Foucault, Michael The History of Sexuality Vintage/1990  
Freud, Sigmund Civilization and its Discontents W.W. Norton/1961 James Strachey, ed/translator
Freud, Sigmund Dora: An Analysis of a Case of Hysteria Collier Books/1973  
Freud, Sigmund On Dreams W.W. Norton/1980 James Strachey, ed/translator
Gallagher, Catherine
Greenblatt, Stephen
Practicing New Historicism U of Chicago Press/2001  
Gates Jr., Henry Louis The Signifying Monkey Oxford Univ Press/1988  
George, Olankunle Relocating Agency SUNY/2003  
Gilbert, Sandra M.; Gubar, Susan The Madwoman in the Attic Yale Univ Press/2000  
Greenblatt, Stephen Will in the World Norton/2004  
Greven, David Men Beyond Desire Palgrave MacMillan/2005 Alumnus
Hamelman, Steven But Is It Garbage? U of Georgia/2004 Alumnus
Hindus, Milton, ed. Selected Letters of Charles Reznikoff, 1917-1976 Black Sparrow Press/1997  
Hoover, Michelle The Quickening Other Press/2010
Howe, Irving Politics & the Novel    
Hurst, Fannie Imitation of Life Harper & Row/1960  
Hutcheon, Linda A Poetics of Postmodernism Routledge/2000  
Jameson, Fredric Postmodernism, or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism Duke Univ Press/2001  
Janowitz, Anne Lyric & Labour in the Romantic Tradition Cambridge U Press/1998  
Jin, Ha War Trash Pantheon/2004 Alumnus
Jin, Ha Waiting Random House/1999 Alumnus
Lacan, Jacques Ecrits Norton/2002 trans. B. Fink
Lawrence, D.H. Studies in Classic American Literature Penguin Books/1977  
Lefebvre, Henri Critique of Everyday Life Verso/1991 trans. John Moore
Lefebvre, Henri Critique of Everyday Life, Vol. 2 Verso/2002 trans. John Moore
Lukacs, Georg The Theory of the Novel MIT Press/1971 translator, Anna Bostock
Marx, Karl Capital, Volume I Penguin Books/1990 translator, Ben Fowkes; introduction by Ernest Mandel
Marx, Karl Capital, Volume II Penguin Books/1992 translator, David Fernbach; introduction by Ernest Mandel
Matthiessen, F.O. American Renaissance Oxford University Press/1968  
McCauley, Stephen Insignificant Others Simon & Schuster/2010
McCauley, Stephen Alternatives to Sex Simon & Schuster/2006  
McKeon, Michael The Origins of the English Novel 1600-1740 Johns Hopkins Univ Press/1987  
Michaels, Walter Benn The Shape of the Signifier Princeton U Press/2004  
Michaels, Walter Benn Our America Duke Univ Press/1995  
Morgan, William Questionable Charity U Press of New England/2004 Alumnus
Most, Andrea Making Americans Harvard U Press/2004 Alumnus
Murphy, Andrew But the Irish Sea Betwixt Us U Press of Kentucky/1999 Alumnus
Pfeiffer, Kathleen Race Passing and American Individualism Univ of Massachusetts Press/2003 Alumnus
Pfeiffer, Kathleen (introduction) Nigger Heaven
Carl Van Vechten
Univ of Illinois Press/2000 Alumnus
Philip Fisher Still the New World Harvard U Press/2000  
Posnock, Ross Philip Roth's Rude Truth Princeton U Press/2006  
Powell, Timothy Ruthless Democracy Princeton Univ Press/2000 Alumnus
Price, Leah Anthology & the Rise of the Novel Cambridge U Press/2000  
Raimon, Eve Allegra The "Tragic Mulatta" Revisited Rutgers U/2004 Alumnus
Rebeck, Theresa Three Girls and Their Brother Random House/2008 Alumnus
Rebeck, Theresa Complete Plays, 1989-1998 Smith and Kraus/1999 Alumnus
Rice, Grantland The Transformation of Authorship in America U of Chicago Press/1997 Alumnus
Sanders, Mark Complicities Duke U Press/2002  
Schnapp & Tiews editors Crowds Stanford U Press/2006 chapter from John Plotz
Schweitzer, Ivy Perfecting Friendship U of North Carolina Press/2006 Alumnus
Shamir, Milette Inexpressible Privacy U of Pennsylvania/2006 Alumnus
Shamir, Milette & Travis, Jennifer Boys Don't Cry? Columbia U Press/2002 Co-Editors, Alumni
Shore, Stephen & Rastelli, Linda Understanding Austism for Dummies Wiley Publishing/2006
Thomson, Rosemarie Garland Extraordinary Bodies Columbia U Press/1997 Alumnus
Thomson, Rosemarie Garland Freakery New York U Press/ 1996 Alumnus
Tocqueville, Alexis Democracy in America Signet Books/2001 Richard D. Heffner, ed
Tolchin, Karen Part Blood, Part Ketchup Lexington Books/ 2007 Alumnus
Travis, Jennifer Wounded Hearts U of North Carolina/2005 Alumnus
Watt, Ian The Rise of the Novel Univ of California Press/2001  
Weinstein, Cindy Family, Kinship, and Sympathy in Nineteenth-Century American Literature Cambridge U Press/2004 Alumnus
Williams, Raymond Marxism & Literature Oxford U Press/1977  
Wineapple, Brenda Hawthorne, A Life Knopf/2003