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Department Authors

Author/Editor Title Publisher/Year Comments
Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah Against the Closet Duke U Press/2012
Anjaria, Ulka A History of the Indian Novel in English Cambridge U Press/2015
Anjaria, Ulka Realism in the 20th-Century Indian Novel Cambridge U Press/2012
Bidart, Frank The Sacrifice Vintage/1983  
Bidart, Frank In the Western Night Farrar Straus Giroux/1990  
Bradfield, Elizabeth Once Removed Persea Books/2015
Bradfield, Elizabeth Approaching Ice Persea Books/2010
Bradfield, Elizabeth Interpretive Work Arktoi Books, Red Hen Press/2008
Braverman, Melanie East Justice    
Broumas, Olga Sappho's Gymnasium Copper Canyon Press/ 1994 co-author T Begley
Broumas, Olga Beginning with O Yale/1977  
Broumas, Olga (trans) The Little Mariner Copper Canyon Press/1988 Odysseas Elytis
Broumas, Olga Pastoral Jazz Copper Canyon Press/1983  
Broumas, Olga Perpetua Copper Canyon Press/1989  
Broumas, Olga Rave: Poems 1975-1999 Copper Canyon Press/1999  
Broumas, Olga Olga Broumas: A Listener's Guide Copper Canyon Press/2000  
Burt, John Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatism Harvard U Press/2013
Burt, John Victory Turning Point/2007  
Burt, John Selected Poems of Robert Penn Warren Louisiana State Press, 2002.  
Burt, John The Way Down Princeton Univ Press/1988  
Burt, John Work Without Hope Johns Hopkins Univ Press/1996  
Burt, John (ed.) The Collected Poems of Robert Penn Warren Louisiana State Univ Press/1998 Foreword by Harold Bloom
Burt, John Robert Penn Warren and American Idealism Yale Univ Press/1988  
Campbell, Mary Baine Trouble Carnegie-Mellon University Press, 2003  
Campbell, Mary Baine The Witness and the Other World Cornell Univ Press/1988  
Campbell, Mary Baine Wonder and Science Cornell Univ Press/1999  
Campbell, Mary Baine The World, The Flesh, and Angels Beacon Press/1989  
Campbell, Mary Baine (ed.) Begetting Images Peter Lang Publishing/1989 co-editor M. Rollins
Cunningham, J.V. Let Thy Words Be Few Symposium Press/1986  
Cunningham, J.V. The Collected Essays of J.V. Cunningham Swallow Press/1976  
Cunningham, J.V. Tradition and Poetic Structure Swallow Press/1960  
Cunningham, J.V. The Judge is Fury Swallow Press/1947  
Cunningham, J.V. The Exclusions of a Rhyme Swallow Press
Flesch, William Generosity and the Limits of Authority Cornell Univ Press/1992  
Flesch, William British Poetry 19th Century Facts on File/2010
Flesch, William Comeuppance Harvard Univ Press/2007  
Gilmore, Michael T. The War on Words Univ of Chicago Press/2010
Gilmore, Michael T. Hawthorne Revisited Lenox Library Assoc/2004 chapter essay
Gilmore, Michael T. American Romanticism and the Marketplace Univ of Chicago Press/1985  
Gilmore, Michael T. Differences in the Dark Columbia Univ Press/1998  
Gilmore, Michael T. Surface and Depth Oxford Univ Press/2003  
Gilmore, Michael T. Literature of the Revolutionary and Early National Periods Cambridge Univ Press/1994 The Cambridge History of American Literature
Gilmore, Michael T. Rethinking Class Columbia Univ Press/1994 co-editor Wai Chee Dimock
Goodheart, Eugene Mostly Grave Thoughts Transaction Publishers/2014
Goodheart, Eugene Holding the Center Transaction Publishers/2013
Goodheart, Eugene Darwinian Misadventures in the Humanities Transaction Publishers/2007  
Goodheart, Eugene Does Literary Studies Have a Future? Univ of Wisconsin Press/1999  
Goodheart, Eugene Culture and the Radical Conscience Transaction Publishers/2001  
Goodheart, Eugene Confessions of a Secular Jew Overlook Press/2001  
Goodheart, Eugene The Skeptic Disposition Princeton Univ Press/1984  
Goodheart, Eugene Pieces of Resistance Cambridge Univ Press/1987  
Goodheart, Eugene Modernism and the Critical Spirit Transactions Publishers/2000  
Goodheart, Eugene The Failure of Criticism Harvard Univ Press/1978  
Goodheart, Eugene Novel Practices Transaction Publishers/2004  
Goodheart, Eugene The Reign of Ideology Columbia Univ Press/1997  
Goodheart, Eugene D.H. Lawrence, The Utopian Vision Transaction Publishers/2006  
Grossman, Allen  True-Love Univ of Chicago Press/2009  
Grossman, Allen The Woman on the Bridge over the Chicago River New Directions  
Grossman, Allen The Ether Dome and Other Poems New Directions  
Grossman, Allen The Philosopher's Window New Directions/1993  
Grossman, Allen The Sighted Singer Johns Hopkins U Press/1992 with Mark Halliday
Grossman, Allen Poetic Knowledge in the Early Years Univ Press of Virginia/1969  
Grossman, Allen How to Do Things with Tears New Directions/2001  
Irr, Caren Toward the Geopolitical Novel Columbia University Press/2013
Irr, Caren Pink Pirates University of Iowa Press/2010
Irr, Caren (ed.) On Jameson SUNY Press/2006 co-editor I. Buchanan
Irr, Caren The Suburb of Dissent Duke Univ Press/1998  
Irr, Caren (ed.) Rethinking the Frankfurt School SUNY Press/2002 co-editor J. Nealon
King, Thomas The Gendering of Men, 1600-1750 (Vol. I) Univ of Wisconsin Press/2004  
King, Thomas The Gendering of Men, 1600-1750 (Vol. II) Univ of Wisconsin Press/2008  

Lanser, Susan (ed.)

Narrative Theory Unbound, Queer & Feminist Interventions Ohio State U/2015 co-editor Robyn Warhol

Lanser, Susan (ed.)

Letters Written in France (Helen Maria Williams) Broadview/2001 co-editor N. Fraistat

Lanser, Susan

The Sexuality of History, Modernity and the Sapphic, 1565-1830 University of Chicago Press/2014

Levy, Barbara

Ladies Laughing Gordon and Breach Publishers/1997
Morrison, Paul The Explanation for Everything New York Univ Press/2001  
Morrison, Paul The Poetics of Fascism Oxford U Press/1996  
Onorato, Richard The Character of the Poet Princeton U Press/1971
Plotz, John Time and the Tapestry: a William Morris Adventure Bunker Hill Publishing/2014
Plotz, John Portable Property Princeton U Press/2008  
Plotz, John The Crowd U California Press/2000  
Quinney, Laura William Blake on Self and Soul Harvard Press U/2009
Quinney, Laura The Poetics of Disappointment U Press of Virginia/1999  
Quinney, Laura Literary Power and the Criteria of Truth U Press of Florida/1995  
Sherman, David In a Strange Room Oxford U Press/2014
Skorczewski, Dawn An Accident of Hope Routledge/2012
Skorczewski, Dawn Conflicts & Crises in the Composition Classroom Boynton/Cook/2003 co-edited with Matthew Parfitt
Skorczewski, Dawn Teaching One Moment At a Time U Mass Press/2005  
Smith, Faith, ed. Sex and the Citizen U of Virginia Press/2011
Smith, Faith Creole Recitations U of Virginia Press/2002  
Staves, Susan A Literary History of Women's Writing in Britain, 1660-1789 Cambridge U Press/2006  
Staves, Susan Married Women's Separate Property in England, 1660-1833 Harvard U Press/1990  
Staves, Susan Early Modern Conceptions of Property Routledge/1995 co-editor John Brewer
Staves, Susan Fictions of Authority in the Restoration U of Nebraska Press/1979  
Targoff, Ramie Posthumous Love: Eros and the Afterlife in Renaissance England U of Chicago Press/2014
Targoff, Ramie John Donne, Body and Soul U of Chicago Press/2008  
Targoff, Ramie Common Prayer U of Chicago Press/2001