Past Events

Thursday, September 18 @ 12pm
"Ballads, Nations, and Histories of Form"
Meredith Martin 
English Dept., Princeton University
DuBois, Rabb 119



Thursday, October 2 @ 5pm
"Wuthering Heights, the Revenge Novel" 
Catherine Gallagher
English Dept., UC Berkeley
Mandel Cnt for the Humanities 303, Reading Room

Wednesday, Oct 1 and Thursday, Oct 2
The Many Dimensions of Herbert Marcuse Conference

Monday, October 13 @ 5:00
Marilyn Hacker and Deema Shehabi reading
Pearlman Lounge

Friday, October 17 @ 12:30
"Playing it Again: Trauma and Pleasure in Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing".
Zahid Chaudhary 
English Dept., Princeton University
DuBois, Rabb 119

Sunday, October 19 @ 1pm
Memorial Event for Professor Emeritus Allen Grossman
Mandel Humanities Center Atrium

Tuesday, November 18 @ 12:30
“Who is 'Fully Human'? Junot Díaz and the Human Right to Health."
Julie Minich
Mexican American Studies, Univ. of Texas, Austin
DuBois, Rabb 119