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Architectural Studies Minor Requirements

Six courses are required for the minor in architectural studies.

A. Two courses in studio design: FA 23b and one of the following: FA 4a or FA 4b.

B. Two core courses in architectural history: FA 80a and FA 30a.

C. One course focused on themes and periods in the history of architecture including: FA 33b, FA 42b, FA 48a, FA 85a, FA 143a, FA 145a, FA 180a, FA 193a.

D. One additional FA course on the history of architecture listed above, or CLAS 133a, CLAS 134b, or one additional studio course including: FA 3a-b, FA 5b, FA 6a, FA 9a, FA 16a-b.

E. Students may double count up to 3 courses in architectural studies for the requirements for the major in art history or studio art or the minor in sculpture. All courses taken for the minor must receive a final grade of C- or better. No more than two courses taken in programs abroad, or as transfer credit, can be counted toward the minor. No course taken pass/fail may count toward the minor requirements.