Luis Stulberg Chair in Law and Politics


Ph.D., New School for Social Research

Field of Specialty

American political development; qualitative methods; policing and social movements; history of race policy and politics.

Contact Information

Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 202

Daniel Thomas Kryder

Current scholarship concerns the relationship between police and democracy in American history; temporal configurations in the American constitution, the causes and consequences of law enforcement patterns in the US South; and qualitative and historical methods.


Kryder, Daniel Thomas. Police and Social Protest in Modern America. Cambridge University Press, 2013. (forthcoming)

Kryder, Daniel Thomas. "Claims without Capacity: Surveillance and Policing Institutions and Executive Authority in Wartime." The Politics of Peace and the Consequences of War, University of Texas at Austin. May 6-7, 2007. (forthcoming)

Kryder, Daniel Thomas and Sarah Staszak. "Constitution as Clockwork: the Temporal Foundations of American Politics." Western Political Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada. March 9, 2007.

Kryder, Daniel Thomas. "Black and White Police in the 20th Century U.S.: Democratization and Policing in American Political Development." Democratization in America. Ed. King, Desmond et. al.. John Hopkins University Press, 2005

Kryder, Daniel Thomas. "Entrepreneurs Reinforcing Order: Police Response to Protest and Crime in Washington, D.C. in the Twentieth Century." Political Action and Political Change: Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Agents in American Political Development. Ed. Skowronek, Stephen. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005

Kryder, Daniel Thomas. Divided Arsenal: Race and the American State During World War II. Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Courses Taught

POL 100b Political Science Methods: Research, Design, and Modes of Analysis
POL 108a The Police and Social Movements in American Politics
POL 108aj Social Movements in American Politics
POL 113b The American Presidency
POL 154aj Seminar: Citizenship
POL 192b Seminar: Topics in Law and Political Theory
POL 197a The Supreme Court Colloquium
POL 212a Graduate Seminar: Research Methods and Methodology
POL 215a Graduate Seminar: American Political Development
POL 340d Proseminar