Professor Emeritus of Music


Ph.D., Harvard University

Field of Specialty

Nineteenth-century music. Theory and analysis. History of theory. Liszt. Music and Meaning

Contact Information

Slosberg Music Center 220

Allan R Keiler

Both as scholar and teacher, on the undergraduate as well as graduate level, my interests center around theory and analysis and the history of theory, and 19th century musicology, especially Franz Liszt. I also have an interest in African-American studies that relate to the subject of my biography, Marian Anderson.


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Courses Taught

MUS 45a Beethoven
MUS 52a The World of Opera: Music and Drama
MUS 190b Proseminar in Schenkerian Analysis
MUS 195a Seminar: Music and Meaning
MUS 218b Seminar in the Music of the Nineteenth Century
MUS 226a History and Literature of Western Music Theory: Baroque to 1850