Samuel J. Lane Professor Emerita of American Jewish History and Culture and Professor Emerita of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Ph.D., SUNY at Stony Brook

Field of Specialty

Women's history. Social history. History of Education. History as Theater. Jewish women's history. Women and gender studies.

Contact Information

Brown Social Science Center 314

Joyce Antler

Joyce Antler is a social and cultural historian, with special interests in the history of American women; history-as-theater; the history of education, and women’s biography. She has written widely on the history of women, and on Jewish women, and is currently working on a book on women’s liberation and Jewish identity. She is also a prize-winning historical dramatist, and works with her students to create original documentary dramas on matters of social urgency.


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Courses Taught

AMST 40a Women in American History
AMST 124b American Love and Marriage
AMST 150a The History of Childhood and Youth in America