Associate Professor of History


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Field of Specialty

East Asian world order, maritime East Asia, Eurasian comparative history, Ming-Qing transition, overseas Chinese, Chinese nationalism and identity

Contact Information

Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 118

Xing Hang

My first project, which has yielded a book, an edited volume, and several articles and reviews, has examined the Zheng organization and its unique and profitable role in tying together the seventeenth-century maritime Asian trading lanes while struggling to define its legitimacy in terms of Confucian tenets and the imperial dynastic symbols of the Ming and Qing courts.

My interests are now drawing me to a study of Chinese communities in Southeast Asia from the seventeenth to twenty-first centuries. I want to understand their institutions, state-building efforts, collaboration with multiple state and imperial actors, and how these elements intersected with the rise of nationalism in China itself.


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Courses Taught

HIST 10a Not Even Past: History for the Global Citizen
HIST 80a Introduction to East Asian Civilization
HIST 182a Mao: The Man, the Myth, and the Milieu
HIST 182b Modern China
HIST 183a Empire at the Margins: Borderlands in Late Imperial China
HIST 184a Silk, Silver, and Slaves: China and the Industrial Revolution
HIST 184b Swashbuckling Adventurers or Sea bandits? The Chinese Pirate in Global Perspective
HIST 185a The China Outside China: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Diaspora in the Making of Modern China