Professor Emeritus of History


Ph.D., Northwestern University

Field of Specialty

Africa: Social history. Slavery. The African diaspora. Afro-Brazil.

Contact Information

Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities

Ibrahim Sundiata


Sundiata, Ibrahim. ""'The Stolen Garment:' Historical Reflections on Blacks and Jews in the Time of Obama" (in page proofs)." Jews, Color, Race. Ed. Efraim Sicher. New York: Berghahn Books, 2012 (forthcoming)

Sundiata, Ibrahim. ""Moka of Bioko (late 1820s-1899): The Chief Who United a Central African Island"." The Human Factor in Modern Africa. Ed. Dennis Cordell. Rowman and Littlefield, 2011. 47-66.

Sundiata, Ibrahim, Benita Sampedro Vizcaya, Baltasar Fra-Molinero. "Engaging Equatorial Guinea: Bioko in the Diapsoric Imagination". Proc. of Rethinking Equatorial Guinea on the Fortieth Anniversary of Its Independence. Hofstra University: Afro-Hispanic Review/ Vanderbilt University, 2010.

Sundiata, Ibrahim, Alunsine Jalloh and Toyin Falola. "The Garvey Aftermath: The Fall, Rise and Fall," in "The United States and West Africa: Interactions and Relations". Proc. of The United States and West Africa. University of Texas-Arlington: University of Rochester, 2008.

Sundiata,Ibrahim. Brothers and Strangers: Black Zion, Black Slavery 1914-1940. Duke University Press, 2004.

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Sundiata, I. K.. Equatorial Guinea : colonialism, state terror, and the search for stability. Boulder: Westview Press, 1990.

Sundiata,Ibrahim. Black Scandal: America and the Iberian Labor Crisis, 1929-1936.. 1980.

Courses Taught

AAAS 18b Africa and the West
AAAS 85a Survey of Southern African History
AAAS 115a Introduction to African History
HIST 115a History of Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations
HIST 116b The History of Black/Jewish Relations in America