Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies


Ph.D., Brandeis University

Field of Specialty

Jewish History, Women's and Gender Studies

Contact Information

Lown Center for Judaica Studies 312

ChaeRan Yoo Freeze

Russian-Jewish historian with research interests in gender, family, sexuality, radical movements, and everyday life.


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Courses Taught

FYS 28b The Jewish Family: Past and Present
GSAS 301d Interdisciplinary Prospectus Seminar
HIST 214b Ethnicity and Religion in the USSR
NEJS 135a The Modern Jewish Experience
NEJS 140b Early Modern Jewish History
NEJS 141a Russian Jews in the Twentieth Century
NEJS 166a Carnal Israel: Exploring Jewish Sexuality from Talmudic Times to the Present
NEJS 166b Who is a Jew? Identity, Conversion, and Citizenship
NEJS 231a Graduate Proseminar in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
NEJS 236b Graduate Seminar in Russian-Jewish History to 1917
WMGS 5a Women, Genders, and Sexualities
WMGS 105b Feminisms: History, Theory, and Practice